At the bus when we drove inside the tunnel near SRP.

Here we are! We're finally here. :)

Me, Jah, Ivy, Faith and Dayan

 Neven, Jah and me.

Dayan and me.

With Jahara.

We're about to swim but pose first! ^^

Feelin' like mermaids.

So here's the complete clan! Wohooooo.


So yeah, as what I have said, 'awesome' pictures will be published this March 29. But wait! It's already 30th. Oh no. Haha, it's because last night I got a fever because of "tooooo much fun" from this event. So I rested and went to sleep.

Here I am, spreading the fun through this post. My blockmates and I went to Portofino Beach Resort to spend our summer together because as early as April 2, Summer classes will already start! Lame.

To cut the crappin' school stuff, those are some of the pictures that have been taken from the said event. The original count of these pictures would sum up to more or less than 400. Ha! Not bad. :P 

You know what, I could really say that to be with your friends is the best remedy from all the stress and aches we experience. I enjoyed a lot! And I'm hoping to experience this kind of fun again.. And agaaaaaain! ^^


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