Hey hey hey! Haha! I think you already have an idea of what this post will contain. I will start with these pictures. :D

Ok, how will I actually start? Uhmm.. 
Basically, my college classmates and I had been working out on a video. In spite of my hectic schedule, I was able to join them, well, I really will cause I don't want to miss the fun. 

The picture above was taken on our first "shoot" of the video. Haha, as if we're really making a movie. But no, we actually did a video parody of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe", the overused and overplayed song ever since. Yeah, I know you know right. :P

The second shoot was on a Saturday wherein I also modeled our for sale varsity jackets that day (See my previous post.) :D And on the third day.

We actually had 4 days but the pictures on the last day were not on my laptop. They were taken through Blue's web camera, that's why it's not included here. Nevertheless, I think we came up a very nice output! \m/

So here's the video! I did edit this for hours and it was already past 3am when I finished my editing. It was dawn but all I did was to laugh and laugh as I edited the scenes. Haha! These people are so hilarious, and so am I. Haha. Check out what humiliation I did to myself, hahaha pardon me :D

We know that the song used was too mainstream. Some say it's the new annoying song next to Rebecca Black's "Friday". I actually hesitated in choosing this song. But I tell you, when you do this kind of vid with this kind of song, you'll surely enjoy it, cause the song's tune and lyrics are really easy to deal with.

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