We will be celebrating Christmas in merely 2 days! Time flies so fast, isn't it? Well, here's another outfit post, and no it doesn't have any Christmas vibe (except for the background). My first statements were just my introduction. Haha. I ran out of words already. My bad. :)

I will only be posting a collage of my look since I'm too lazy uploading them one by one.
I wore this last Saturday. That was just a not-so-productive day since I was not able to pass our Prelim requirement for Practicum 1 (OJT); my colleagues (in Accenture) and I weren't able to pass but we still have a valid reason for not passing, it's just that we are still working on our training and haven't started the formal work yet. In the afternoon, we had a film shooting but it just lasted quickly since not all of the cast were present.

I love this wrist watch from my brother. I don't know where this was exactly bought but he told me that it's from her girlfriend, actually her mom bought it overseas since her mom is an OFW, if I'm not mistaken. It's actually too loose (is it the watch or is it just my arms that are so thin?) that you couldn't even call it a wrist watch because it stays on my arm instead on my wrist lol. xD

My top and ankle boots are from a thrift shop while the bag was a Christmas gift received by my sister in their school Christmas party. I love my top's print because of its vintage semblance. Necklace from my fav accessory store. I know the ankle boots were just so dirty, sorry for not cleaning, lazy ass here. :P

That's all. Thank you. :)


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