In the midst of a very busy situation I'm in, I still force myself in making new posts just to populate this new blog. Anyway, I think most people I know have obviously seen this look already for I have made one of these photos my profile picture in my Facebook account. I'm still posting them anyway.

If you have noticed, my top's color changed to red. It's just because of the filter I used to edit this photo.

I can't actually think of a proper title for this post/look. I'm totally drained. Please reconsider people. Haha.


I've seem to have been troubled lately because of so many things to do with so little time left. I've been thinking what if I couldn't be able to walk through that stage on that day. *Sigh.

Kay. So much with that. Thanks for dropping by anyway. :)



  1. Stay strong. Don't worry too much. Just do what you need to do. Do it well, and things will sort themselves out. :)

  2. okay rana ate oy. idol :)


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