So basically, this DIY post is about the inexpensive Valentine's gift I gave to my guy. I've been broke since forever so I apparently wasn't able to buy him stuff. A thought came in and so I decided to just make DIY present for him.

All you need are:
An empty jar
Used magazines/construction papers
Bond papers
A pair of scissors
Coloring materials
Paper twine/ribbon/or any tie

If want to give your SO a money-less yet valuable gift, you could try to follow these steps.

First you have to make these cute little stars made from used magazines/construction papers.
*I preferred construction papers since they are plain and not messy to look at*

Using the pair of scissors, cut strips of your used magazines/const. papers. Each strip is equivalent to one star and you may need to estimate how many strips of papers you'd need to fill in 75% of the jar.

In making a star, first, you have to fold the first half inch of the paper strip diagonally. Then, fold the remaining part of the paper strip across the first fold. Third, fold it against the back.

Then fold it again against the front. Repeat the process.

There you go. But that doesn't still look like a star; it kinda looks like a pentagon (first photo); that's why we have to press its sides to really make it look like a star. Make sure that there's space inside enough to make its flat surface look bloated. There were some instances when pressing the sides makes the paper crumple and the star would look like its crooked or damaged. Proper folding of the paper strip is really essential to make a nice looking star.

Here's a sample of a finished star.

Using the bond papers, write/print the reasons why you love your SO. Write them on paper strips too so you can coil them.

Put them inside the jar.
And hey, you may want to see this. Haha. :D

Paper twines!
I actually bought these paper twines long before already and thank god they're still here so I can use them on good advantage.

I braided two strings of paper twine and a red ribbon to come up a tie/seal to my jar.

You can also find a way to lock the tie. I tied a knot at the end of the strings.

I noticed my jar cover was so boring so I decided to glue a paper heart on it. You can also put whatever designs yo want on your jar/jar cover.

Lastly, the chocolates! These are the second sweetest ingredient next to your personalized messages/reasons why you love your SO. ♥
I put them in between layers of stars in the jar.

Tada! There you finally go.
But wait, there's more!

I haven't done this (drawing stuff) since a year or two already and this additional gift idea suddenly just popped up in my mind. Nah, he loves it though and I should be proud of it! Even though I looked "fish-ish" in that drawing. Haha! xD

How about you? What were your Valentine's gift/s to your SO? Did you surprise him/her?
Because I totally did (to my SO, not yours haha aw kapoy xD).

Thanks for reading!



  1. That was the bestest most wonderfullest Valentine's a guy could ever ask for. I love you! :D <3


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