No he's not drowning. He was just showing how deep the water was.

My brother, twin sisters and cousin.

Fat legs. :s

Another family hangout! I could say that my summer is well spent with my family. Last Saturday, we went to this place called NGC Ventures & Services, I'm not so familiar with the place but it is where my auntie (my mom's younger sister) is currently working which was the main reason why we got in here. Their company had this 'Family Day' and all or majority of the employees were there together with their families. The place was big but we we're not allowed to roam around because they've got a thing about 'strict' policies and security.

The rectangular swimming pool was 4-7 feet deep which I like (the 7-feet part) because I'm not limited to swim and I could just pretend I'm a mermaid because the water is deep enough and all. However, the kids stayed in the 4 feet level because they still can't swim.

I really like family outings because I don't tend to worry about the expenses, food and the like, I just worry about what to dress and other personal stuff. The joy of not having to attend to school anymore is just... well, I still got a little school thingies to do but of course I should spend more time with my family in exchange to those I missed (a lot) during school days.

I think that would be all. I still have I think 2 more getaways in my list that I'd be hopeful to come. Stay tuned! Thanks for the read. :)



  1. I love your blue top! So cute:) I've been enjoying reading your blog!

    1. Hello Kat! Thank you, but are you referring to my cropped top? Cause it's actually lavender. :)
      Thank you for reading Kat. I'll check you blog soon. xx

  2. Great post! Family outings are always a ton of fun! I also really love your top, where did you get it from?

  3. Super cute outfits and amazing photos!!

    xx Sarah | Loser Girl Wins


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