Two cafe's down. At last, we already have visited Cafe Tiala (though it just opened a month ago), the cutest cafe I've known.

Upon entering the cafe, a couple of their staff in a super cute pink maid costume greets you. Then you will be asked where you would want to dine. They have I think 3-4 mini rooms each at the left and right sides separated by a mini hallway (so that would make 6-8 mini rooms all in all), and an open area above the rooms from the left. I was not able to take photos of them, though. Anyway, we chose this room with the television.

Each room has this mini chandelier.

Their kind of menu is so unique. The menu is classified to specific categories on each of their little pink cards and they are placed inside a cute cylinder box.

This is one of their hallway chandeliers.

We ordered Vanilla and Java Chip Frappuccino.

FYI, their room, the television and all of their "borrowable" things are free! Yep. Absolutely free. They have super cute bear and deer costumes, a white dress and a bouquet, hair iron, leg and foot massage equipment, etc. But if there are plenty of people who would also want to use an item, there is a 1-hour limit for each use. So here, we watched various movies from my guy's external hard drive. We haven't finished a single movie though. Haha. If you ever forget to bring a flash-drive or anything like, the cafe has one that you can borrow, but I'm not sure if it has movies in it, but it has a lot of music, a lot of K-pop music (cause they are a Korean cafe, that's why). Haha.

This is one of their cute costumes. I think it's a pink bear.

The costumes are so comfy and since the cafe was so cold because of the air conditioner, the costume was really of great help to ease the coldness. Plus, it doesn't stink (because you know, we assume that a lot of people already used them before but I guess the staff washes the costumes every other day so it won't get dirty and stink).

Just some of their super cute room decorations.


Fully Booked announced their Free Comic Book Day that was held yesterday and so my beau didn't miss the chance since he's a comic freak. I mean, who would miss to grab something free? And it's comics! It sounds fun.


After a few hours of strolling around Ayala Center, we then went to this cute lil cafe. A cafe for a princess they say which made my beau say to himself "but I don't belong here, it's too cute for me" haha! Poor guy. But doesn't matter anymore cause the place is just so cozy and since we just walked towards the cafe under the sun's scourging heat, we finally made it to rest there comfortably. The staff is so accommodating too! I really like it there. I like their plain white walls and ceilings. I like their cute lil decorations (I could have taken more photos from their cafe but the place was quite crowded already and we don't have a good camera so yeah). 

Great job Cafe Tiala.
Their cafe has just started and I'm guessing they'll have a lot more to improve. And I hope they'll expand their area for more customers to accommodate! :)

Wait, there's more.

Le bonus photo. Huehue.



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