And finally our plans have been accomplished already!
Grace, Jan, Ramz and I went to Azul, one of the famous tuslob buwa stores here in Cebu City (located along Gorordo Avenue near the Asilo church). After which, we headed at Degree9 Coffee (located at F. Cabahug St. near Sykes) to chill out.

Tuslob buwa (means 'to dip in bubbles') is a new Cebuano dish made from pig brain, fish sauce, onions, shrimp paste and chopped liver. The whole set costs P99.00 only with 12 puso (rice wrapped with coconut leaves, also known as 'hanging rice') already. The food is served raw, separately with the ingredients and the customers will be the ones to cook it ready with butane stove and frying pan (to be served after ordering). The cooking was totally fun! I wasn't able to take much photos though because the place is so crowded and my camera might get snatched haha. 

We also ordered sisig! Omnom.
Best is you go earlier because the place is always crowded and it's so hard to find your own spot that you still need to ask (or negotiate haha) a group of customers who are almost done with their meal for you to take over them afterwards. And since the store is also a liquor store, there are plenty of people drinking and it adds up the waiting time.

Then we went to Degree9 Coffee. Grace and I really wanted to go here because we want to try their mint frappuccino but unfortunately, it's no longer available cause they ran out of it already.

We expected that the place would just have less people because it was already 9pm (by the way, they are open 24 hours) but it's not. There were lots of people we even had a hard time finding a table for four. Most of the customers are Korean girls and studying people.

Really wanted and planned to grab that spot under their chandelier. You see, it's so nice and it's the only place were people would actually want to sit not just because of the chandelier and authentic brick walls but also it has 4 large white comfy wing chairs. Too bad there were adults occupying the place already. Huhu


Since they have no mint frappe (so sad huhu), Grace and I ordered caramel frappe instead while Jan ordered java chip and choco for Ramz. Then we also tried their cream puffs for only P40.00 per 3 pieces.

Their cream puffs, which to our misfortune, weren't as fresh of puffy anymore and in fact, seemed a little close to going bad (or stale) or somewhere along those lines? So, I just ate a couple of them. But I'm pretty sure they were fantastic if only we were lucky enough to have gotten some fresh ones.

HAHAHA this pic is just... hilarious! Our facial expressions... Haha I wonder what went through Ramz' mind right at that moment. "This girl is insane."

I really had fun with them! T'was another fun yet fulfilled day. We did not just filled our tummies with appetizing feed but also our hearts with joy. Chos. Haha.


This is supposed to have happened last week (last Friday night) but Grace, Ramz and I got so sick so we moved it then. Grace is a working girl already during weekdays so a Friday night is the best time she's available. I like Grace because she's so sweet and she gets me, and goes along with my craziness. Even if we did have our conflicts back then, it's totally okay now since that's water under the bridge and we've totally gotten over it.

"This will not be the last, ming!" said Grace. Haha this is just the first. We're planning to go "out and about" more often soon. Hopefully. We have so many plans, can't even count them. Haha.

Click here for more pictures.

So, that's about my weekend so far. How about yours?



  1. Looks like you had fun ate Annika and the food looks yummy!

    1. I did Van! And yes the food we ate are all so delish! Thanks Van. :)


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