It was USJ-R CICCT's Acquaintance party 2014. It was themed as Fire and Ice where participants may choose to wear anything that symbolizes fire or ice, and that is basically red/orange and white/blue, respectively.

Here's a simple outfit I wore. And it's obvious I represented fire. Mehee.


Hosts for the first part of the program.

Here are the participants for the King and Queen of the Night. And my beau is one of 'em.

And yes, he won! Wee.

Party party by the end of the program! Spot me haha.

Had to change from heels to flats bc can't stand them anymore (literally haha).


Ever wondered why I was there? Some of my former schoolmates were a bit surprised of that. Well, actually (so here's the story haha) last year's acquaintance party was supposedly my last, and yes it was, technically. If it's not because of Ramz, I will not be present for this year's party. At first, it was just all about his intermission number and stuff that I'd really like to show support to (and record a video of it hehe) and when he was appointed as the 4th year male representative for the King and Queen of the Night, of course, I told myself that I should really be there. So here's that, I became a bit of an official photographer and his personal assistant haha. And I was really happy he won! Horray for the gc's, cash prize, cute trophy and sash.

After the program, everybody who stayed until the end of it, partied. It was full of fun and the event was indeed a success! As a former ICTO officer, I would greatly like to appreciate every officer's effort behind this successful event. I know every struggle these officers have undertaken. Congratulations! Next stop, CICCT Days 2015!

For more photos, feel free to browse my album in Facebook.


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