This was supposed to be posted a long time ago (like, right after my "Naught" post because they are suppose to signify opposite sides of looks) but I totally forgot about it and now here it is.

Oops. Those wires down there just ruined the whole thing.

Another wire photobomb right there.


As you can see, my "Naught" post had some kind of an edgy but not-so-naughty look. Haha. While here lies the opposite of it. This got some of sort'a good girl look which I honestly don't know how and where to classify it. It's just that I took some glasses on which made me look like a nerdy but girly at the same time. And it was actually my beau who noticed that something's not right with this outfit haha. He's got an eye, don't you think? :D

So here's to another laterpost (?) bc I am (consistently) running out of blog post ideas. I really can't wait to have a job and start whatever is it that needs to get started (i.e. my fashion blogging journey). For now, you can waste your time to some of my useless posts. Haha. Such blog depreciation. Jk.

Thanks for dropping by, anyway!



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