So last Sunday, I had this hangout with my grade school batch mates. Sunday, because some of us have work already and some are still attending school (I don't even belong on either of those categories lol). So yeah this was what I wore basically.

Was smiling in this photo because our dog's face was pretty hilarious when he was looking up at me.


We planned to meet by 4pm but we got the whole pack completed by 7pm. Filipino time syndrome. Yes, t'was kinda frustrating. But was worth the wait because I had fun, like totes! We had dinner at Mang Inasal Robinson's branch and then we headed over at GIMIK ktv bar in Guadalupe. What's fun was that, it was the first time I saw their faces for almost 6 years. Ha! That long. It felt so nostalgic and we never ran out of topics to discuss. Plus, there's this one classmate that always cheered the atmosphere up coz his sense of humor is intense haha. We could tell if he was not around, we would go literally mika (bored). Haha. I just really enjoyed their company.

For more pictures of our get together, click here.

And finally, I found an illuminati charmed choker with, I think, a matte (leather like) cord from The Trinketry. Buy yours now (they ship worldwide).

Thanks for dropping by.


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