So I mentioned in my last post about this place being so nice and white, obviously, and that you should go there some time as well. Haha. That's straightforward. Click the link for more info.

And yet again, here's another mandatory outfit post of the day. If you are wondering about the title of this post, it simply means "noon" or "noon time". I can't think of any appropriate title so I came up with a different word of the time these photos were taken. Hehe.

I really really love the lighting. Ugh.

I would like to thank DMC Trends for providing me this black Athena Singles bracelet. I like how it is preppy and elegant looking at the same time. You can choose any color of your choice. They also have Doubles where you can choose 2 colors for one bracelet. If you are fond of arm candies then you should definitely check them out. They don't only sell arm candies, but trendy clothes as well!

Thanks to my sissy for the being my photographer of the day.


Alien cropped top - Jukaykay Atbp. (Instagram: @jukaykayatbp) |  Joni jeans - The Blitheventures (Instagram: @blitheventures) | Athena singles bracelet - DMC Trends (Instagram: @dmctrendsph)



  1. White. Perfect place for photo shoots!

  2. So pretty! Kate, if I had that porma, I'd surely have a separate blog for OOTD entries! haha

    Keep it up!

  3. I really like the feel of the photos! kudos! :P

  4. it's perfect. i mean, what you wore matched the ambiance of the place. It looks so cool. :D

  5. Sexy kaayo sa high waist jeans! :) Muara gyud nya ko soon sa Tomo! Hayy kanus-a kaha. LOL

  6. This looks like a wonderful place to have a photo-shoot! It looks so comfy and chill.

  7. No wonder the white wall looks familiar... it's Tomo Cafe!
    PS: You're so sexy Kath. Tips naman diyan. Haha.

  8. Cool shots and nice location. We better check that place out. :-)

  9. After seeing this post, it make me think that I really need to be on a diet! hahahaha! it's sexy Kath! Nice one! :)

  10. Love your body Kath so sexy #bodygoals haha! Saw anime poster wall yaaaay would really love to got their some time!

  11. I have visited the place on a night time..indeed the place looks good for photo ops during the day. A reason to check back the place. Nice pics! :D

  12. Aggh lovely place! All white and brick background, definitely my style for my own home someday. You're sooo prettyyyy :)

  13. Me likey the Alien shirt! As always, you look stunning Kath! ^_^


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