Went to Pearl Meat Shop at The Strip, Osmeña Blvd. 
We were expecting that this shop would be very crowded but nah-uh. Good thing we got there earlier for dinner and had the chance to sit at the perfect spot.

In this kind of meal, we have to cook it ourselves with our own seasonings. It's fun!

We ordered their pork and beef strips. And as Korean cuisine is concerned , they are accompanied with side dishes such as a whole cabbage, kimchi and a spicy hot soup (Idk what it's called but it was good).

Ha! So here's a picture featuring my lowback top. Ha! At least.
You should check my outfit post for more of this outfit.

We really didn't like their pork. But their beef though.

Pearl Meat Shop also has a branch somewhere in Mandaue. You should try them, their food aren't too pricy so go ahead!

Outfit post here.

Hope you had fun on your Valentine's day!


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