When I knew that I'd be hosting an event, what I actually was worried about was the outfit that I'd wear. Is it a big deal? Of course! It is because number one, I'll be facing the audience for the whole event, and number two, a hundred pair of eyes will be criticizing not only my hosting, but also the way I dress. Geez. I have to hide my imperfections such as my obvious scar on my left thigh so I came up with this outfit. It saved my life! Haha.

Okay, my skirt didn't really save me because as you can see, it has a slit on its left side.

I didn't intend to make this some kind of a weird pose with a very serious face. Haha.

I think I clicked the wrong filter for this picture. It obviously looks different from the rest.


I kept my outfit simple as possible with a watch as my main and only accessory. I realized that I need to keep my outfits simple and comfortable especially for events like this so that I will not get anxious with my actions in dealing with different people so as not to ruin my day/night, also, maintaining a carefree vibe all throughout the event. 
Here's me and the "celebrant" slash soon-to-be graduate during the event.
I know right? We're ridiculously photogenic.
And the hosting began. It wasn't really a big deal since the event wasn't attended by lots of people since CICCT is just small department and the number of sure graduates is not quite great as well. Nonetheless, becoming agitated or nervous in front of them was still inevitable.

I really had fun during the event. Oh that line is so overused but needless to say, I actually did have fun. It was my 2nd time to attend a ring hop ceremony so I was already quite familiar on what will happen and a li'l confident on what to actually say on the microphone. Ram, my all-around partner, was actually my co-host and even though we were not the perfect emcees, we still managed to push through and get everything done with our two-member team effort. Haha. We only practiced our script for like 2 hours the night before the event and another 2 hours the afternoon before. Not bad.

It was not just fun but also a memorable event to all the graduates because they didn't just celebrate their upcoming graduation but they did it with their parents and loved ones. Kudos to all the graduates of March 2015 especially to my CICCT fellows. Welcome to the real world!

Bonus pic.

Top - DMC Trends | Long Skirt - Thrifted | Bag - Secosana Bags



  1. Nice pictures! I I totally agree that being simple attracts extraordinary things. ;)

  2. Nice pictures! I I totally agree that being simple attracts extraordinary things. ;)

  3. Sexy kaayo Kath! Simple ang outfit pero really nice! :)

  4. Love the skirt though! I have a scar on my left leg too. Sometimes I hide it, sometimes I just let it be. Hehehe. A large part of my job is to face a big audience on a daily basis so I can certainly say that it's best to dress comfortably during those times. :)

  5. I love the skirt! I love maxi dresses and skirts, they're my lifesaver for days when I'm too lazy to dress up but don't want to look too rugged/casual either.

  6. Simplicity is beauty. You look great with the outfit! I love the skirt with the slit too! I think I'd like to get one as well. Hihi. :)

  7. I like the skirt! Your outfit is so simple yet elegant!


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