Here's to a CAT-like uniform outfit. Haha. Yep I know, I've thought of that already. But I have to tell you that it was comfortable wearing this look. Whenever I wear boots, I feel like I could just step anywhere I want. I feel solid and guarded. Haha. And don't forget the good old high-waisted jeans that I'm currently obsessed with. Since I have this slender torso, high-waisted jeans really help a lot with my almost-visible butt crack dilemmas. 

Haha. I'm not even ashamed of this big smile anymore.

I jumped at the wrong timing when the camera's still on zoom. This could've been a nice shot from afar.

I have had this shirt a long time ago already but was only able to wear it just recently.

I think this will be the last pending outfit post that I've kept as a draft for a long time, and I'm glad that I'm now able to publish it at last for I am planning to change the way this blog works. And you will get to know about it in the next post!

And I thought you might be wondering, we shot this post at Super Metro, Mambaling parking lot. It was a Saturday afternoon and luckily there was only one vehicle parked that time. 

Thanks for dropping by!

I'm fabulous. Haha. Not.

Top - Jukaykay Atpb



  1. your boots though ate :(

  2. Super cute! I love wearing boots, too.

    1. Thank you Marina. Yep they're absolutely good! :)

  3. obsessed with your shirt! xx, kenz


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