Here's to a personal giveaway for you guys! I have amazing freebies to give away but I also need something small in return.

Note that this is mainly for helping Yamba. By participating in this giveaway means helping Yamba as well. They really need beta testers especially the active ones. Let us help Yamba gather people to evaluate the internet's next big social media network!

Here are the very simple instructions for you to follow:

1. First you will need to create an account at (it only takes less than a minute especially if you register using your Facebook account).

2. Follow me @

3. Like this post:

4. Then, please post at least 3 unique types of content at Yamba (could be pictures, videos or links) with the hashtags:

That's basically it if you wish to enter my little event of sorts.

 But if you want a higher chance of winning then here's what you need to do in addition:

Gather at least 3 of your friends and make them follow the instructions above (the one that you already went through). Obviously, the more people that you get to join, the higher your chance will be at winning the awesome prizes!

How would you let me know who you've managed to enlist? Just send me a message on Facebook or email me at with the list of their usernames.

And that's it! Totally a no-brainer, right?

Here are the dainty prizes waiting for you:

Crystal points: Purple, green, pink, turquoise, clear


Cropped top shirts.

The prizes will be classified into the following:

1. Top 1 winner will get 1 shirt, 3 crystal chokers/pendants, and 4 charm chokers/pendants of their choosing.
2. Top 2 winner will get the other shirt, and their choosing of 2 crystal chokers/pendants and 3 charm chokers/pendants.
3. Top 3 winner will get 1 crystal choker/pendant and 2 charm chokers/pendants of their choosing.

Consolation prizes will be drawn randomly so long as you've managed to follow the initial instructions.

It will be up to you if you want your crystals or charms be on rubber cord or silver chain.

Take note that this little raffle will end on the 25th of July, 2015.
And the winners will be announced the following day, July 26.

I hope you will find time to participate this contest for it will not only help me but more importantly YAMBA itself. They highly need beta testers for their application and you will basically be serving that purpose.

Thank you in advance!


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