Black and white (and gray) have become my colors lately (are they even actually colors?). Most of my clothes are of black, white, and gray tones and I love it. You can barely see actual colors in my closet. There's just something about these shades that coexists with my soul. Haha.

Well, here's another OOTD from last Saturday. I had the hopes of not having a hard time, not with this outfit, since the weather here has been pretty bad the past week. You'd wake up in the morning due to the sound of the heavy rain falling down on your roof and then find yourself fanning because of the blazing sun shining right at your face like there's no more to shine tomorrow, only to end up with your feet and legs all muddy, and your hair all damp because it began raining again. Yep. Those things I just said actually happened. The Philippine weather is really a big bummer. But I love it when it's raining except when I'm not in the comfort of our own house.

Another set of terrible poses and facial expressions just because a family of six or seven is standing right in front of us while doing this shoot. I still am not that courageous enough to actually do my shoots in front of strangers even though I have been doing this for a couple of years already. I, perhaps, still need a lot more confidence.

Batwing dress - ZALORA | Flats - Strappies

I think people will call me "that blogger who always has a bonus photo of her grisly gestures at the end of her posts"

Laugh at your own sake or that big mouth will eat you.
*fades away wearing that face in the bonus photo*




  1. Must have been really awkward shooting with a bunch of people around you!


    1. It was! Good thing I managed to power through haha!

  2. What a co-incidence! I have the same flats as yours :)
    I hope you can check out my blog too and let me know your thoughts about it by dropping a comment :)
    Ellaine Regala - Le Petite Wears <3
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    1. Thanks Ellaine! Will def. check it out. :)

  3. I really like your Batwing dress huhu. It's baggy yet very sexy. And this set is good man, di ra halata ang awkwardness <3

    Lou |

    1. Aaah words from a very good photographer! Thanks Louuu :)

  4. You are so me (but 2 decades younger hehe I'm 39) on black,white and gray,awesome.
    xoxo Bing,

    1. Oh! But you don't look like one tho. :) Go for awesomeness! Go for black, white, gray! Haha. Thanks Bing.


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