I haven't really featured a lot of bloggers here in my blog. I have been wanting to build this series where my readers would get to know about a few top bloggers in their respective niches. Thanks to the DigitalPro Bootcamp, I am now able to proceed what I started. To get me going, I'd like to introduce you to Cebu's Top Food Blogger, Carlo Olano, the mastermind of Kalami Cebu.

I met Carlo during the first Cebu Blogging Community meet-up and that time I didn’t really know what he actually blogs about or who he was, basically. He said, while he was talking to his seat-mate, (I accidentally eavesdropped!) that his food blog was just out of hobby because he just really likes to go to food places and take pictures of his meals. Who would’ve known he’ll become Cebu’s top food blogger in such a short span of time? Not only that, he also happens to be a good friend, he is also a funny and intelligent guy. I know, I know, you’d now like to know him better. Well, I got you covered on that. I asked our top food blogger some questions with a little twist…because the questions are about fashion! Rumors say that he’s a fashion blogger wanna-be. (I kid! Lol.)

What do you think his answers will be?

Before we get into our top food blogger’s fashion insights, let us know about who Carlo Olano is and his thoughts about blogging.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what your blog is all about.

I am Carlo of Kalami Cebu. My blog is the site where anyone can find the best places to eat and dishes to order in Cebu and nearby islands.

How did you start your blog and what inspired you to do it?

I have always been a foodie since I was a kid. In the age of smart phones, my phone is usually filled with tons of food photos. Since I had so much material, I decided to start a food blog. Before Kalami Cebu, I was blogging about real estate sales and I did it out of necessity. 

What are the top most useful tools that you are using in your blog?

If you I am not in a hurry, I would love to use Canva on all my photos and posts. Canva just makes your photos and posts stand out.

What are your tips to those who are still new to blogging or are still about to start to blog?

Have a goal. If you go into something without a goal, you might end up bored after a couple weeks. This advise actually applies to any endeavor that you wish to pursue.

Now you already know a bit information about Carlo and some blogging tips, are you ready to know about how he thinks about fashion? Sure you do!

What is Fashion, in your own words?

Fashion is how you consistently present yourself to others. 

How do you describe your personal style?

I choose comfort above all else. I am polo shirt person and I love the fact that Cebu is so casual when it comes to office wear. 

Do you have any fashion rules when putting an outfit together? And what are these rules?

I do not usually wear black. I do not also wear all white. I love colors I guess especially bright colors.

If you are to become a fashion blogger, which style will you be choosing or focusing on and why? 

I am a guy but I would probably date someone sophisticated, traditonal or preppy.

Do you consider to post an OOTD to your blog or even become a style/fashion blogger someday?

I do post it on Instagram just for fun. I have fantasized to be a fashion blogger but some dreams are meant to remain as dreams.

Which fashion trends (outfit, hairstyle, etc.) do you like to get popular this year?

I want sporty to be in. There are so many people into fashion but not much into fitness. You may look thin but it does not mean that you are healthy. I want the athletic look to be in.

What are your fashion/styling tips that you like your readers to know?

Actually, I am the one who should be asking for fashion advise. ;)


Whether you're a food, travel, or tech blogger, name it, everybody has their own sense of fashion with unique ways of expressing it. And we just got some fashion insights from Cebu's top food blogger!

Make sure to visit Carlo at Kalami Cebu as he guides you to a gastronomic adventure about food and recipes from best restaurants in Cebu, one place at a time.

For you to stay updated to Carlo's whereabouts, follow Kalami Cebu in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus! You can also shoot him an email at



  1. Loved his blogging tips. I have never used Canva before, I should check that out. Great interview!

  2. Awesome pics babe. Thanks for sharing! Have a great week.
    Much love, Len

  3. this is such a great interview, looks like he has a good food blog. Thanks for the introduction <3

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    xo, Alyssa

  6. Such a great post, great pics too!!

    Adi xx


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