I'm actually not a Globe user for the sole reason that most of my friends and colleagues are currently not using the said network. Thankfully, I got a free Globe sim card and it has been a great help in reaching out to some of my friends and relatives since the sim card is pre-loaded with 500 worth of regular load letting me communicate to all other mobile networks.

I recently availed their SURF20 promo that's exclusive in Cebu. Yes, it's entirely dedicated for Cebuanos. If you are currently inside Cebu, then you're in for a treat as Globe offers up to 400MB of data for only Php20 a day. However, you can still use this promo if you happen to be in other parts of the country but only if you registered inside Cebu. You cannot use the promo outside the Philippines.


To subscribe, just simply type in SURF20 and send it to 8888. You should wait and receive a message confirming that you are already registered to the promo. You don't need to have a maintaining balance to enjoy the SURF20 promo, though unused data will be forfeited after 24 hours of usage. You can text SURF20 STATUS to 8888 for free to check the status or SURF20 STOP to 8888 for free to stop your promo registration.


If you read my review regarding Globe's GOSURF999, it is way more expensive than SURF20 because the latter will only cost you Php600 per month with 12GB total worth of internet data, compared to GOSURF999's 5GB/month for Php999. What I like about SURF20 is that your 400MB will only be consumed every time you surf during the duration of your promo. You can use up 100MB now then another 300MB later on as long as it is within the validity period. Browsing over an accumulated total of 400MB will be charged with standard browsing rates. If you just need adequate internet consumption within a day, then this promo is good for you. But for me, 400mb a day isn't really enough considering that a person like me doesn't even download a lot of stuff from the internet on a regular basis. I suggest that if you plan to avail this promo, you should use it during times that it's actually needed to avoid running out of internet data at the wrong time. For instance, if you have an event during the day, use the 400MB during the event for your social media postings and surfing. 


Based on PinoyMetroGeek's review, the speed test results of SURF20 show that it has 7mbps download speed, 0.91mbps upload speed and 68ms ping. Not bad, if you're in an area where wifi signal is strong. There are some areas in Cebu (southern part, based on experience) that have less to zero wifi signal and it totally sucks, bigtime. Based on my experience, the internet speed in my area in Guadalupe is kinda okay but I'm still far from being amazed.


In conclusion, it's not really that bad after all considering the price that it'll cost you. 400MB worth of internet consumption for Php20 only is a fair deal already. As what I've said earlier, it's much cheaper if you avail the promo within an entire month which will only cost you Php600 compared to GOSURF999 which will cost you a thousand. But with regards to the 400MB per day, I think it's only good for users who only use the internet moderately. I hope that Globe will make it possible to let the promo be available to other parts of the country especially to those areas where people are in a tight budget.

For more information, visit PinoyMetroGeek's review.


  1. I'm also a globe subscriber and their GOSURF50 is awesome! It's unlimited Facebook and viber already. :)


  2. I have never been a Globe subscriber but I have to agree that this promo is quite promising.

  3. I am also a Globe subscriber and this promo is really a good deal. :)

  4. I really love how Globe sees internet as a necessity and makes promos affordable and bang for the buck!

  5. Not an avid Globe user but it seems to be a good deal...

  6. It was sulit while it lasted but there is a better deal right?

  7. This is super sulit. I usually subscribe to GoSurf499 but I only get 3GB. But with Surf20, a 4GB data is just 200 pesos.

  8. I never tried Globe for mobile data but I think I might reconsider. This looks like a good deal plus I've heard a lot of good things about Globe's signal.


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