We never really forget nor even think of neglecting chocolates most especially on Valentine's day. Everybody loves chocolates! One thing is certain, there is only one key to every heart and we may have found the perfect key to unlock romance this Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day is about making an impression by marrying the fine art of chocolate and romance with genuine elegance - and who better than the French? This passionate collection of fine Valentine's Day gifts are available for delivery worldwide. This Valentine's Day, give away the key to your heart. The spirit of French seductive savvy and epicurean savoir-fair combined in this stunning collection. Brimming with an exquisite selection of heart-shaped artisan French chocolates,  these customizable boxes will make your loved one's heart melt as would the luscious chocolates in your mouth. Experience the sweetest way of expressing love with zChocolat's finest chocolates.

Arrived early this February was zChocolat's Romantic 12 Key zBox which is composed of 12-piece chocolate heart assortment transpiring passion and fantasy as it reveals the Toquade: a delicious dark ganache cloaked in a white exterior, the Suprême: a creamy milk hazelnut praliné, the Mystique: a Vanilla Bourbon caramel dressed in a dark couverture and the Amore: a divine bergamote-infused ganache hidden under a daring red robe - all presented in a chic and modern zBox emblazoned with your precious key.

Price: PHP 2,460.84 | USD 51.76

zChocolat never fails to make their boxes more than presentable. It's elegant on all angles. They make sure that the chocolates are well covered and protected.

I am a big fan of chocolates especially the dark flavored ones. In the case of zChocolat's Valentine Collection, my favorite is their Toquade. I like that it has this grainy and creamy texture as it melts into my mouth. I enjoyed eating the chocolates with my beau. I definitely recommend buying this for a special someone, either for your family or for our significant other.

zChocolat still has a lot to offer to us on our favorite holidays so make sure to always keep posted with their latest collections and indulge! Visit their site and subscribe to their newsletter for more chocolatey updates.

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Disclosure: I was compensated to write this post but that is in no way influenced my thoughts- all opinions expressed are entirely my own. 



  1. These chocolates look so yummy!! Perfect for VDay! Happy Sunday x

    1. They are really yummy! Get yourself a box, too! Thanks Violette, happy Valentine's day. :) x

  2. Replies
    1. They definitely are! Thank you so much Amy Ann :)

  3. I really like everything about this post: idea, lovely pack and of course Chocolate!
    Your blog is very interesting. I hope you will like mine
    many kisses

    1. Absolutely! They're the best <3 thanks so much for dropping by :)

  4. This box is soooo beautiful !!


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