Different women have different body types and no two women are identical in terms of their body shape. So, why do you wear the same types of dress? You must choose the best outfit for yourself based on your body type. If you are a tall and skinny girl, horizontal patterned dresses might not suit you the way they suit a short girl with an average built. Hence styling according to your body type is a must.

Now you must have read many articles saying the tall girl should wear this, short girls should wear that but there are a few people talking about petite women. The world has 75% of its women population with petite built then why don't they get a chance to explore the treasure of the fashion world? Here we are presenting you the most striking tops for petite women that would make them rock:


Georgette is the best fabric for petite girls as it sticks to the body and offers you a better shape. Also, it naturally hangs to the bady hence it also gives you a little more length. This textured georgette top is the best top for women as it will make your looks defined when paired with a skin-tight denim or chinos. This is the combination that offers you grace and elegance.


This top makes you look stylish and trendy. Paired with sleek denims, this is one of the best tops for women. You can try wearing it on a normal day as well or for some special occasions like a small kitty party or a birthday bash. Match your best jewelry with it and you are all ready to rock the show.


A casual cotton shirt must be an essential part of every petite's wardrobe. The long sleeves of the shirt give you a slimmer and taller look while the length of the shirt compliments your body type perfectly. You can pair it with formal or casual trousers and match one of the ladies watches with it. It can be worn to casual outings with your friends.


Black is the color for all body types. It makes a petite woman look mesmerizing. This black top with floral print is the best choice if you are going to a party with your friends. Paired with white pants and one of your beautiful ladies watch, this is the perfect outfit to make you look divine. The frills on the shoulders give you a taller look while the fabric of this top blesses you with the perfect fit.


A tunic top is what compliments the petite body the best. It has a free size bottom which hangs down to your bust line giving your upper body a longer look. Made with a mixed cotton fabric, this type of top is very comfortable to wear. Try buying them in dark colors like blue, black, or pink for the perfect look.

Petite women look marvelous when being dressed with the perfect outfit that suits their body. Hope this article will help you find the perfect clothes that you must wear to show off the beautiful figure you are blessed with. For those who think that being petite is an issue, now you have the guide to buy the perfect outfit that is made for your built. So be a fashionista and pamper your petite body with the right type of clothing.

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  1. Lovely post! I am petite too! I am not really sure about the tunic tho! Never found one that fits me!

  2. All of outfits are so beautiful, and i want to buy one for my mom

  3. Yass! Love this post, i'm petite as well and I'm always dreaming of those long legs hahaha :)

    Stephanie |

  4. I love the back of the 2nd top so much, these are all great picks though. I'm not exactly petite, well I'm like 5'8 haha but I'd definitely wear these too!

    Sally - DiagonSally

  5. Great options for petite women!

  6. Beautiful tops and tips, I'm petite as well so these are very inspiring to me! Thanks for sharing lovely x

    Love from London,

  7. Tunic tops for petites is absolutely true! I do rock one every once in a while. Thanks for sharing! hugs x kisses

  8. Beautiful tops! I love the orange off the shoulder one. I would totally wear it.
    :)Diana |


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