Ball and evening gowns have been fashionably popular since the 19th century and until now, we still get fascinated by its alluring and luxurious design. got us covered with our ball gown needs, from the cheapest to the most extravagant ones. started way back 2013 and since then, their company has already focused on creating formal dresses, wedding gowns, costumes, jewelry, and others. They have a variety of elegant yet cheap dresses to choose from. If you are looking for something to wear for a formal event, then you are on the right page. Read on and discover the types of ball gowns that Styledress has to offer.

Long Ball Dresses

Vintage High Neck Mermaid Appliques Backless Lace-up Floor-Length Evening Dress

Most of us, if not all, would prefer to wear long ball dresses for they make us look tall and more elegant. These floor-length dresses remained most admired. They can be worn alongside some pieces of accessories or jewelry to beautify the look even more. If the gown is already too detailed with sequence or studs, there's no need to add more accessories. Well, you can never go wrong with this type of ball dress, just make sure that you are attending the right occasion! Styledress' Long Ball Dresses price range from $130 to $800+ only.

Short Ball Dresses

Sexy Jewel Neckline Asymmetrical A-line Homecoming Dress

This type of ball dress is suitable for petite girls. Aside from being comfortable, they add up cuteness to the look . They are also easier to move or dance with. You can also add your favorite jewelry pieces, just make sure to not over-accessorize your look. Styledress' Short Ball Dress price range from $100 to $300+ only.

Plus Size Ball Dresses

Beading Halter A-Line Brush Train Long Comfortable Evening Pukekohe Dress Designed

Styledress caters plus size women as well! I believe that every woman of every size has the right to wear their favorite ball gowns. Ladies that have plus size figures should not be ashamed of going to events/parties. Top designers in the world have taken up this issue and are working really hard to ensure that there is a wide variety of designs and styles for the plus size ladies. Styledress' Plus Size Ball Dresses price range from $160 to $200+ only.


At, you can also shop by city. You can shop their Auckland, Hamilton, and Weilington ball dresses at a very reasonable price. Some examples of which are the following.

Ball Dress Auckland

Mermaid Straps Appliques Bowknot Court Train Evening Dress

Ball Dresses Hamilton

Sheath Floor Length Beading Long Sleeves Evening Glorious Tauranga Dress

Ball Dresses Weilington

Tauranga Scoop 1/2 Sleeves Beading Floor-length Glorious Dresses


Ball Dresses 2016

Colourful Sweetheart Beading Long Prom/Designer Dress

As for their latest designs this year, they have over 300+ ball dresses for you to choose from! Shop and wear your faves for prom, homecoming, or even holiday occasions. They have everything for you! Whether you go for long or short dresses, it's up to you on how to dress in a way that flatters your physique.

Styledress offers a superior high quality of goods at a very reasonable price that is delivered as quickly as possible. Their website has been originally designed with simplicity so customers like us can always get what we need quickly. There are plenty of cheap ball dresses under 100 that will excite your taste as they are of quality fabric and created by some of the best designers. To ensure that you settle for what you want is important to check all available categories, evaluate the designs as well as pick dresses that suit your personal style, also, the best price range.

Disclosure: I was compensated to write this post but that is in no way influenced my thoughts written above. Photos not mine.



  1. Gosh! I love the blue Ball Dress Auckland gown. But i'm like 4'11' so mura nya ko'g mag daster. Hahaha

  2. I truly can't relate about all these things, but I enjoy reading it. It gives me the best perspective of women. The gowns are really looking beautiful, I have picked up the details of art in there. You should wear one of that Kath and let us determine how you look like, I'm sure you'll be even prettier with that gown.

  3. This could really be useful, considering my cousin is will soon have their graduation ball. Love their designs :) - Gee

  4. Nice and interestingly, these designs can be replicated by those dressmakers in a certain town in Mactan island. ;)

  5. Makita ra ni sa 138? Hahah. Kidding aside, I figure making those would require a fair amount of patience. The beads are on that pink dress. 0_0

  6. Pretty nice dresses! I don't know what else to say. Not really the target demographic for this. But if given the chance, I might be down to get one of those as a gift for someone. They're pretty decent. Hahaha

  7. You will look great in those dresses Kat!! I'm still wondering when I can ever wear those types because I rarely (never) go to cocktail or formal parties anymore now that I'm home-based. Haha!

  8. Obviously not my thing but I'm willing to share this with my girlfriend. Maybe she'll like this. :) hehehe

  9. These are so pretty!


  10. Hahahaha I thought ball gowns are those that has springs to wear to make it spread! Surely, this will look every woman as gorgeous as Cara <3

  11. I really admire ball dresses and will dress up if the occasion requires. The last time I wore a beautiful dress...might be years ago. OMG. Hahaha. I think I need to lose some of my *pregnancy* fats so I could confidently wear these types of clothes.

  12. Murag bagay ni sa among manghod dah..padung na graduation ball.. yay..

  13. These dresses are super elegant but I don't know if I can pull this off. haha! I haven't wear any ballgowns in my life and I don't think I need one just yet, although I might just buy one if there's totally a need to. I love the balldress 2016 in midnight blue. :)

  14. Saving this for my preferences for our Student's Night in the future. :)

  15. I dont know what to say about this article but i want to buy the white dress hamilton for her she really look more pretty on that dress. Hehe :)

  16. I'm been searching for gown designs for a wedding next year. I'd love to wear something like the first photo but in red or light blue.


  17. Waaah! Those photos are amazing. Sorry, I was rally stunned by the photos Kath. Anyways, good article, I think girls could relate more than I do.

  18. Perfect gift for someone! I'm not good at judging on things like fashion and girl thingy but surely those dresses will make the ladies look stunning and elegant.

  19. Mao ni isul-ob nimo next meetup, Kath? Looks nice. :D

  20. I really thought that ballgowns were the type of gown with puffy skirts just like what Cinderella or belle from the Beauty and the Beast wore in a party. Back to the topic, (haha) the gowns you've posted were all amazing. The design and the choice of fabrics go well together. I especially like the gown with the dark blue skirt mixed with a nude top. It is both elegant and not boring at tye same time. ��

  21. Gee will have her debut soon. This aint for balls only I guess. Designs are sofisticated. I could suggest this to her! HAHA -Jay


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