As far as makeup is concerned, I do believe that it is one way for us women to gain confidence and that we wear it for ourselves and not to impress others. Anyone who wants to wear it, should. It's one of our ways in expressing ourselves as the women we are. Some people should stop criticizing those who wear makeup for it is their choice and we should respect that.

Speaking of which, I'm no beauty junky, but one thing's for sure, eyebrows are everything! When talking about beauty and makeup, the first thing that I'm concerned about are my eyebrows and how to flaunt them. I don't really do makeup but as long as I look presentable and my eyebrows are on fleek, I'm good to go. If you know me, you'd already know that. Haha.

When I buy makeup, I prefer to try it first before purchasing to prevent unnecessary wasting of money. But online shopping is another option for me. It's much easier but the only difference is that you don't get to try the product first. But we don't really need to try every single product we like because we can always refer to reviews online. There's a ton of them! Speaking of online shopping, I just discovered BeautyMnl, a go-to beauty destination for Filipinas! I wanted to give their service a try as they wanted me to share my shopping and beauty experience to you guys. I gotta say that being a first timer in their online store definitely didn't disappoint me!

I've been online shopping before but not really on beauty products but on clothes. BeautyMnl's shopping site is easy to use and it has a modern and sleek layout too. Their products are basically sorted by Skin Care, Makeup, Hair Care, Organic, Accessories, Essentials, and Brands. As most online shopping sites have this kind of categorization, it's really convenient for us to navigate and find the products that we need.

I got really excited in choosing from their products and it even took me days to finally check out my final list. To be honest, I was having a hard time finalizing my cart because they just got so many to choose from! Finally, what filled my shopping cart are the following:

Detail's Matte In Detail Liquid Lipstick in Krysle color

The package arrived just within three days after. Very fast transaction isn't it? The package comes with this thick matte resealable plastic bag and the items inside were protected with bubble wraps. I super like their packaging, I can reuse it for future purposes!

Okay, let's start the review!

First thing's first, the eyebrows! I intentionally picked the darkest shade of brown they have which is their Dark Brown/Brown color. Upon applying it to my eyebrows, I got a lil disappointed because it was too bright for my hair color. Currently, I am using Nichido's eyebrow pencil in the shade of Ivory. It's the darkest shade they have. The pencil may look black but it actually makes a very dark brown shade when applied to the eyebrows. Well for NYX, I thought that it may not be the same thing because it's an eyebrow cake powder. But as the not-so-beauty-junky that I am, I didn't really realize that maybe an eyebrow pencil has a thicker finish than that of a cake powder. I prolly have researched more about this product because I only read reviews and didn't really look up to how the shades would look like when they're applied to the eyebrows. As for the product itself, it's easy to apply using the right kind of brush. I tried applying the product using the brush that comes along with the kit and I didn't really like using it because it's too soft and I can't properly stroke the powder to my eyebrows. So I used the one that I've been using and here's the result:

I am really 'strict' when it comes to eyebrows because it's the one thing that I care the most on my face. Maybe I need to change my hair color just to match it with these eyebrows. Ha! Soon maybe.

Next stop, the eye shadows. I picked the shades that I like and you know what they are. Also, I didn't have any decent eyeshadow makeup so this might be the first. Haha! As I was only fond of watching makeup videos but not really applying them in real life, I actually learned a lil idea on how to make smokey eyeshadows. Well, I did my best!

I like the shades and they apply easily but I think I was having a hard time to finish everything because of the brush. It's too tiny. Maybe I am used to long brushes and it kinda makes it a lil awkward to apply using a small one. 

Overall, I like it. It even has a label on each shade indicating where it should be applied. I like the finish and the texture. The thing is, I should put extra application to emphasize it since I have hooded eyes.

And who would ever forget the lips. I do. Haha. Because I don't really wear lipstick that often. When you see me in person, I would often look pale and tired (but with eyebrows on fleek! haha!). But if you ask me what kind of lipstick that I like wearing, matte is always the answer. I prefer the nude shades because they don't really overdo your face and they look natural. I may wear the bright/darker shades but only on special events.

This is so far my favorite product among all. I only have tried a few other matte lipsticks and they didn't really impress me that much. Not only that they easily dry up my lips, they also smell weird. But with Detail's matte lippie, it smells so good and it doesn't dry up the lips that fast. Also, it stays longer during the day.

And by the way, they also have these freebies for a certain amount of purchase. It's a natural hair color and hair treatment in Mahogany color. Plus a shampoo and also a soap from Olay (forgot to take a picture but it's in the first photo though).

This is how my face looks like overall. I was almost running late for work while I did this transformation but I still needed to undo everything because I can't go to work looking like this. Haha! I enjoyed what I did, anyway.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to try the Skin Pores Clarifying Astringent Minimizing Mask. When I can, I will post my experience on my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, so better keep posted. And for Nippon's Eyebrow Razor Kit, you know how razors work. Haha! I needed to have it just to try it for the first time since I do manual labor in maintaining my brows, a.k.a plucking. Haha! :P

Don't forget to follow BeautyMnl on their social media accounts:

I hope you learned something from this review and hope to see you on my next beauty haul. Also, shoutout to my sister with the beautiful mintgreen manicure who helped me in this shoot! 



  1. I was also using Nyx Eyebrow cake powder but the packaging doesn't look the same though. They may have change it na..obviously. haha! I would it's cool given that it doesn't wear off right away but I would always prefer eyebrow pencils, I'm now using Mary Kay Eyebrow pen in the shade of Brunette. :) I like the shade of your lippies, I always go to the neutral look too and that's one of the colors that I'm always comfortable wearing.

  2. I love the eyeshadows! I only use sunblock foundation, pressed powder, and lipstick when I go out now. Because, no time. Haha. I used BB cream and blush on before when I was still working in an office but even those took time too. No work done with my eyebrows except when I attend a wedding where I'm part of the entourage which rarely happens. Haha. I'm amazed with those who can keep their eyebrows on fleek all the time.

    My friend asked if BeautyMNL is legit. At least now I can tell her it is. :)

  3. Same here! Not much of a beauty guru, but eyebrows needs to be ON FLEEK ahaha! Thinking of trying BeautyMNL soon :) - Gee

  4. Waiting for someone to comment about this. Hahaha. This should be a beauty video on Youtube, though. :D

  5. Lovely haul. The elf palette looks so beautiful.

  6. Again, this isn't my thing. Pero it's nice that you do these kinds of posts. :) It helps other women out there know about more makeup :) hehe.

  7. I have been planning to purchase from beutymnl but some are expensive and I don't have enough money for make up. Anyway, great haul!

  8. I'm a regular customer of BeautyMNL! but I usually buy shampoo's and hair treatmeants coz I dunno how to use makeup haha! You should keep the zip lock packaging. I have tons of them which is really useful whenever I travel. :)

  9. Speaking of makeup, you made me think of my classmate way back in college who never present at school without wearing up. I recall she also emphasized what you have just said in your blog, it is for women to boost their confidence not to boast, but just something a woman should try. I hope some women will try this as well.

  10. Too bad you need to redo the look. because i like the eye shadow. when i have time, i do make up to myself, but yes, like you, i redo too. :D


  11. I used to wear makeup (eye shadow, eye liner, blush on but never lipstick or lipgloss LOL) back in Avril Lavigne's heydays but my mom told me I was better at keeping my physical appearance "perfect" than straightening out my room so that was the end of that. I do love wearing red lipstick when the occasion calls for it (and when there's one lying around because I obviously do not have any kit myself). I'd be interested to learn how to do those brows on fleek though...and I think I'll consider wearing makeup again. I sometimes feel like I look too pale and too tired. Hahaha!

  12. Hahahaha i just don't know what to comment because I can't relate. But I can refer this posts to my girl cousins who love make ups!

  13. I don't know about makeup and the likes but I do really think your tips can help a lot of women out there. 😂

  14. Let's do a live make up session with you. I am really impressed now what make ups can do to people and the skill level of make up artists are pretty insane. I hope to that you develop those mad skills.

  15. I dont know about the things girls do but this can help my friends on doing a make ups on their faces.

  16. Wow! You know how to groom your brows! Awesome! Me? I don't know how to do it. Hahahaha! By the way, the eye shadow looks good on you. Awesome haul!


  17. Good stuff! I might start looking into the site as I know someone who also kinda has a thing for makeup and those items would definitely make great gifts! :D

  18. I'm currently having a hard time plucking my brows so I go for the razors. That's the tool I'm most comfortable with at the moment. In terms of eyebrow makeup, I'm currently using EB Advance eyebrow kit and Nichido's dark brown eyebrow pencil. Hehe. Before, I was using Anastasia Beverly Hill's dark brown eyebrow pomade and brow wiz. I love your brows, btw. It looks natural. I'm currently practicing on how to make my brows look natural as possible. As for the overall makeup, I like it. You should've tried it at work, y'know, once in a blue moon kind of thing. I also love nude shades when it comes to lippies and red shades, too. :D

    Augustin Ra • Indie Spirit

  19. Pretty! One thing that captivated my eyes was your nailpolish. I loved the color. LOLs.

  20. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful. Good tips for women who are interested in these kind of stuff! Keep on inspiring!

  21. I believe these are tools for mass seduction... I mean destruction.... I agree that we should have a live tutorial so men would understand if the extra 5 mins is accurate

  22. Haha basta girls gyud, sa kilay ra gyud ma strict. Galawin na lahat, wag lang ang kilay na on-fleek. 😂😂😂 but kidding aside, the make up looks good on you Kat. 😊

  23. What do you use for your OOTD's post? Oppo F1s.. selfie expert.. haha.. but I recommend your blog to my sister which she might like it.


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