It's the creepy time of the year once again! Together with the fall season, I've arranged another outfit grid that joins together outfit pieces that are best for both Halloween and autumn. That's definitely hitting two birds with one stone!

I've added the colors of flesh and maroon to incorporate them with autumn, plus the essence of black which denotes Halloween. Nude tones like flesh is a perfect color for autumn and maroon is a perfect match for an added layer to it. And we all know that black goes with everything, how much more when you're going to dress for the Halloween? That's why your Halloween+autumn outfit must include something black. A black cat bag and a pair of boots are some good ideas to begin with. 

And don't forget to accessorize! The easiest and most common Halloween accessories are chokers and cat ears. You can never go wrong with them!
Shirt top
235 PHP -

American Vintage red long sleeve top
7,650 PHP -

Miss Selfridge short denim skirt
2,365 PHP -

Dr. Martens breathable boots
6,750 PHP -

Charlotte Olympia leather daypack
62,205 PHP -

Elastic choker necklace
310 PHP -

Topshop head wrap hair accessory
675 PHP -



  1. these boots are dreamy <3

  2. The outfit seem to be seductive haha! Or maybe it's just because of Cara? <3

  3. I love that black cat bag pero mahala oi! HAHA. Naa na sa Colon lang? Hehehe :)

  4. Nice post Kat! I want to achieve this kind of collage something dili lang ang things kay medyo mahal d makaya ug climb. HAHA

  5. I have one friend who asked about outfit the last time, you know what I did? I let her check your blog. You always amazed me with how good you are in your craftsmanship. Keep it up Kath!

  6. One day (not sure when), I'll lose my flabs and wear that top. Hahaha. Love the ensemble and the Doc Martens. Those are my dream boots.

  7. You better buy them and wear them, too, Kath! They should look pretty on you... like always.

  8. Another great post Kat! It would be nice if in one of your weekly outfit grids kay you actually own the items on it para mas chuy. :)

  9. Shocks, I love this grunge-look. Magpa daot sa ko balik para ma angayan ko haha

  10. Cute bag. That look fits with your name Kat. haha

  11. That was creepy. I mean not the outfit but the price of the bag.. LOL.
    Anyway, great post Kat. Couldn't wait for another grid featuring outfits for guys... hehe

  12. Im loving the look. I hope this will come to life and you can sport this look on your upcoming posts. Hehe!

  13. Pretty decent take on a Halloween costume! I like the combination of fall colors and the little feline touches to add in to the costume/Halloween aspect.

  14. And so, as my eyes scanned through this post, it widened as soon as it approached the bag. It's 3 months worth of sweldo. hahahaha. This series could feature small time local clothing lines like the ones I see sa Ayala. :D

  15. You got me at the cat bag! It's so cute! Dang! Those eyebrows! I can visualize you pulling off this outfit Kath. Have you tried applying as stylist na? To famous people?

  16. Kalami sa presyo. I will buy you a set after I win the lotto this week; ;) Good choices but that price is rteally out of hand.


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