Some of you may have known that I have an incoming series in my blog as I have mentioned about it on my Twitter. But to make things clear, this isn't the one that I was talking about. As I can recall, I have made a post about my blog starting a bunch of series and the Outfit Grid is one of them though I wasn't able to actually get it started. I shared my creations from Polyvore here on my blog but that was ages ago when this blog was still not well established. 

Now, I'm happy to finally be able to start Nested Thoughts' Weekly Outfit Grid, every Wednesdays, featuring different outfit pieces from different fashion brands, created and shared from Polyvore. This series will help you get ideas and inspiration on what to wear on certain events or even just running simple errands.

I figured that maybe I should start basic and simple (and most probably something that I need most for a long time, a day off! haha). What to wear when it's your day off? Most of us go to coffee shops, hang out and catch up with friends, or maybe just stay at home and watch your favorite movie with your pajamas still on at 4pm. If you ask me, I'll make most of my day off at home but there will be times that I wanna chill on a coffee shop and do some blog work with my latte and cheesecake on the side. If you are like me (sometimes), then this might be the appropriate or maybe the most comfy getup you could get.

Since it's the rainy days, it's time to put on your favorite jacket on that white tank top, paired with your most comfy pair of leggings (or jeggings) and trainers. I included a pair of sunglasses just to sum up the look. There will still be sunlight even when it's rainy so there's that. Haha! If you prefer something other than a pair of white trainers because you might be worried about the mud getting on them, then maybe try an all black pair instead. Black goes with everything!

H M v neck tee
470 PHP -

LE3NO camo print jacket
1,450 PHP -

Givenchy high waisted trousers
57,065 PHP -

White trainers
2,950 PHP -

PUR bucket bag
10,505 PHP -

Olivia Burton thin wrist watch
6,045 PHP -

Matte sunglasses
1,580 PHP -

Remember, as much as possible, wear what's comfortable but also make sure you dress the occasion. For more outfit tips, read my post about the anatomy of an outfit and see how it could help or interest you. Keep posted for more outfit grids!



  1. This is simply too perfect since its already rainy season. I just go to a coffee shop as well, I am more comfortable working at home. Anyhow, I am not that fond of wearing pajamas, but I guess it would be a good suggestion, I'll try it next time. For the jacket? Yes, I wear it sometimes when I move around..

  2. I suck at mixing and matching my clothes. I also suck at updating myself with the fashion trends. Why must I be a total nerd? Why can't I be as fashionable as other guys? Why do we have to pay our taxes?


  3. This grid looks gorgeous! I'm wanting someone to wear this and take lotsss of photos!

  4. Great read! I love the one with the jacket paired with leggings! It's perfect for a rainy season look.

  5. Great combination! Would do pretty well with the incoming rainy season. But HOLY CRAP THE PRICE THOSE PANTS!

  6. I love that bag!! I love white shoes too but uhmm like you said, it sucks when it's muddy. Lisod kaayo sige limpyo. Hahaha. But to be honest, I still wear white sometimes even when it's raining. Lol

  7. Love the bottoms. Hahaha! I remember my sets in Polyvore (yes, I actually have them; a girl can dream haha) and they were all girly outfit dreams. I've yet to follow your suggestions for me, Kat, but I think I first need to work on losing my extra flabs and transferring that extra into my bank account, if that's possible. Hahaha. I do hope I can buy a new wardrobe but I think the partner would rather we buy traveling/camping gears. Bahahaha. A girl can dream. :P

    PS. Aw gawd just saw the price of the pants..oh well. A girl can dream. Hahaha!

  8. I can actually give justice to this outfit Kath, except for the Givenchy high waisted trousers and Matte sunglasses! Skinny jeans or leotards doesn't look good on me. The shape of the sunglasses here does not fit with the shape of my face. Hahahahaha! I don't have long legs as you do. But in my imagination, this outfit really looks good on you!

  9. Nice concept for a series post! Sucks that those pants are CRAZY expensive! Hahaha

  10. Nice choices and those high wasted trousers are sexy but it could lead to some unwanted cameltoes. ;) I am excited to your next series post. Can you also have suggestions for men or metrosexuals?

  11. 57k for a trouser? WAAAAHH.. lucky I'm a guy so i will not buy the kind of outfit.. haha.. but hope you can wear that when our meetups.. haha..

  12. A good reference but Oh my! the price tag for the trousers! Holy Moly!

  13. Good reference... getting white trainers is something I might be considering to add to my wardrobe.

  14. Nindot nga idea pero dili lang ko ka-afford. Can recommend to a friend basin interested siya ani. Thanks for this!

  15. Really loving the outfit Kat. Though I was shocked with price tag of the leggings. But its Givenchy. Wouldn't expect anything less. haha Almost everyday my daily routine is Home - School - Home - Coffee Shop - Home. I always go to the coffee shop to work on my thesis and my daily outfit is usually colored shorts topped with a neutral shirt and comfy sandals. I'll try to take it up a notch with my styling this sem.



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