I was the person that always had arm parties. I liked my wrist full of colorful bracelets back then. Not until maturity hit me and I started to love minimalism and simplicity. I stopped wearing arm candies and preferred having simple watches instead. If I may wear a bracelet, I like it more in silver than gold with minimal design. People do change.

I recently indulged myself to an accent haul care of Zaful. They don't only sell tons of stylish and on-trend clothes but they also have fashionable accessories. As I was browsing through their accessories page, a few items caught my eyes and immediately availed them. I will feature my two faves here.

Knowing me, you'll figure out why this ring caught my attention. The marble stone on it! Plus, it's silver! It has a unique and stylish design as well. If you notice, the ring is not on full circle as it is ornamented with a small silver ball at the end of the ring shank. You can have it at $2.93 (Php145.33) only.

What caught my eyes is the square charm in this choker. I not only a fan of marble prints but also of geometric shapes. The square charm is detachable so I can transfer it to my silver necklace and replace the charm with it. It's all yours at $2.16 (Php107.13) only.

I also ordered their layered choker necklace and wore it together with this outfit I had during the last ILuvCebu Instameet-up.

I'm really thankful for this haul opportunity with Zaful, I get to wear the accessories that I like wearing. Visit their Accessories page and browse through the latest and trendiest accents available. They have makeup accessories like brushes, blenders, and razors. They also have hats and caps, watches, sunglasses, socks, home accessories, and a whole lot more. And you don't need to worry about your items getting delivered late to you because they ship fast!

For more info and updates, visit their social media outlets here:

Have you ever shopped at Zaful? If so, how was your experience? Did you like what you paid for? 
If you haven't shopped at Zaful, would you like to in the future? Let me know below! :)



  1. I've written some sponsored posts for Zaful but never really got the chance to shop yet. I agree that they have really nice pieces. You have great choices! Love the ring and necklace. I also love silver more than gold. I don't wear bracelets often but I feel that a watch is necessary, which is why I ditch bracelet most of the time for a simple watch.

  2. OMG ka nice sa ring! I ordered a swimwear from Zaful before. I haven't tried ordering accessories yet. I'll definitely check it out. :)

  3. Amazing! I thought you really wore an expensive and quite surprise that necklace from Zaful is not that expensive

  4. Four-sided stuff are cool. Who took the photos? They are awesome!

  5. Wow, your ring just added beauty in you. Again, whatever you're wearing it will always suit to your personality. I wonder who took your photos always? Truly, amazing!

  6. I personally like the ring! It's simple yet adds some class. Nice haul, Kat! :)


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