Got invited to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®'s The Giving Journal 2017 launch at the Robinson's Galleria last week. CBTL was also able to gather bloggers from different orgs. We learned a lot about CBTL especially about their new journals. I'm so excited to share with you guys about it, but for now, here's what I wore during the event. 

I actually didn't plan on what to wear on this day but I have been thinking that I needed to wear a choker because I haven't done it for a long time now. So yes, finally, a choker on my outfit. But I gotta admit that I was struggling in finding the right top. I couldn't just grab a simple shirt or much more a turtle neck top if I wanted to wear a choker. Good thing I found this lowered round neck top after ten minutes of wrecking my closet. Haha!

This pair of chunky heels are already oldies but I don't wear them that much. I figured that they look nice with this outfit so I chose to wear them instead of my excessively worn out white sneakers. Then I brought my Prism specs from EyeBuyDirect just in case I feel that there's a need to wear something on my eyes. Well, I guess I was right.

You can always recycle your clothes but never duplicate a look. Ha! I even wrote about reruns in this outfit post, if you wanna know about it. Also, don't just throw away something that you feel like not wearing anymore because who knows, one day, you are going to need them (even during desperate times) all of a sudden. An example will be these chunky heels. I got them years back from an online shop but I didn't like them because they appear to be too large for my feet even if I ordered my size. I even planned on selling them but I chose not to anymore because I thought I might need to wear them one day. I guess I'm right again.

As I mentioned earlier in this post, we gathered at CBTL's launch for their Giving Journal 2017. They had this mini activity where each of us designed three sugar cookies and/or paper coffee cups. One of my designs is a fat Olaf from Frozen. Haha! It's cute, I know. :P We were then given a bag of goodies including their Giving Journal 2017 with the color of our choice. Wee! They have the pink, turquoise, purple, and gray ones. Guess what color I picked?

Keep posted for my The Giving Journal 2017 post and how you are going to avail it!

Top - Jukaykay | Bottom - MuraShop Clothing | Chunky heels - Fashion Lounge | Specs - EyeBuyDirect



  1. I like the shoes. Those shoes will be good for me, because I'm very, vey, vry short. Hahaha 😂😂 awesome outfit Kat, as per usual. I also like the cut of those pants. 😊

  2. Unlike you, I usually throw away clothes that I feel like I won't wear anymore. Then my mom in law would retrieve it and return it to my closet. Hahaha. Then I have to tell her I'm not gonna use it anymore, lol. I can be hardcore with getting rid of clothes I haven't worn in 2 years. Lol.

    Nice OOTD pix Kat. Nice outfit too! ;)

  3. I really like the pants! But pants like that don't suit me, probably because of my body type. hmmm.

    Nice outfit, btw. 😊

  4. Always recycle but never duplicate the look! Okay! Will try my best to do that. Haha

  5. Hooray for recycling clothes! Not only you can get creative with it, but it's also good for the environment! Hehe. :)

  6. I've always wanted a colorless frame for my glasses. Instead, my inner potterhead prevailed and opted for a round metal glasses. hahahaha

  7. I like the stripes pants. Very attractive. While the shoes looks so splendid. I love to wear that :)

  8. HAHAHA.. "Always recycle and never duplicate the look"... I always recycle and end up duplicating the same look again and again. Gezzz, the problem of not having knowledge about fashion thingy. :(

    Will keep that in mind Kath. Thanks for the tidbit about fashion.

  9. Pretty good combination overall! They don't even look to familiar because of the variation though to be quite honest. It only becomes too obvious after you keep on pointing it out. Hahaha. But I bet you have enough articles of clothing to let you mix and match stuff.

  10. Your ensemble reminded me of the high-waisted shorts I purchased maybe 2-3 years ago that I still haven't let go. I should probably have it in prominent display in the room to remind myself to lose my excess weight. Haha. I am not a fan of bottoms that fall somewhere between my knees and ankle; they make me look fat and stout since I have huge ankles and calves. I prefer going above the knees instead. :D

  11. Those chunky heels are pretty. I think i need them to increase my height slmehow.

  12. You always bring the best out of you whatever you wear Kat. I wish I had that talent of knowing which one is really fit to my taste when I wear my clothes.

  13. Everything but the shoes. hehehe. ;) I also enjoyed watching you and your photographer on this shoot. You got good chemistry!


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