Hi there! First off, sorry if this series post got delayed. I won't go to the specifics here but let me just say that my last week's schedule was pretty insane. Oh well, anyway... Here's another episode of my weekly outfit grid series now featuring the basic standard look anyone could pull off--the normcore. And noticed something? I included a style for the males, as it is highly requested. Tada!

I've been a 'basicer' since I discovered the idea of monochromes and I'm so not getting tired of it, at least not in the foreseeable future. Now, I just wanna share this normcore outfit to show you guys how to basically pull it off. 

For the girls, I choose a simple black sweatshirt since it's the rainy season. A simple plain tee would be nice as well for the hot season. I didn't wanna go to the most mainstream jeans to pair with the sweatshirt. Instead, a pair of plain colored pants would be a comfortable fit. For the footwear, you can wear a simple pair of flats preferably with the same color as your top. Have your hair in a messy bun, too! You can wear your favorite specs or fancy glasses to accessorize the look, then put all your other necessities in your favorite sling bag. I personally chose the colors in this grid since neutral colors always go with anything. But don't limit yourself to these colors. You can always choose your favorite ones as long as you still look like the normcore. You can refer to this post I made about the anatomy of an outfit to guide you on how an outfit should be for you to look good and feel good about it.

Alright, it's time for the guys! You can always grab a plain sweater plus a pair of jeans and sneakers. It's that simple. All you need to do to add a little spin to this look is to wear a baseball cap, a simple watch, and a plain colored backpack (if you need to). Sometimes, men's outfit should not be as complicated as that of women's. Simplicity is beauty lit with the right amount of style. I really recommend guys to wear classic watches. Wearing these kinds of watches not only creates a classic vibe but they definitely make men look more stylish and on point.

If you noticed, plain colors are 'a thing' for basic/normcore outfits because they basically represent the look. Bright or patterned clothes are not really recommended if you wanna look normcore.

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Just to clarify, my outfit grids are made with Polyvore. This is called a set and when creating one, you can choose various of fashion pieces, drag and drop them to create output and when you're finished, you can finally share it to your social media accounts and blogs with all the details of the set including the brand name and the corresponding price of each piece. Remember that these fashion pieces are mainly guides and references. If you can afford them, then you know where to find them as they are indicated below the set. If not, you can always find alternatives at your local shops or online stores. *wink*

Hope to have imparted some basic knowledge in this post. How about you, how do you wear normcore?



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  2. As they say, we can never go wrong with basics. It's timeless and can usually be paired with any accessory. I love the bags and the shoes in your set. I'm gonna have to find a cheaper alternative though. Lol

  3. The basics here look really good! However, my basic outfit is just a shirt, a short and a pair of shoe and of course the red hat and the eyeglasses! Haha

  4. This post is just timely! I've been planning on shopping for basics for weeks now. Hopefully, I'll finally have time for myself before the month ends. 😊

  5. Yehey! There's always something great about having simple outfits. Less worrying and more wearing!

  6. Can blue stuff make good monochrome? I really don't get what monochrome in fashion is. Is it like a color with different palettes/shades thrown in together? Ugh.

    1. Monochrome (fashionably speaking) is often associated with the black/white (or even gray). It is also the kind of wardrobe that separates one piece's color (again, often black/white/gray) from the other. Haha

  7. That 250 watch from #LoveHopeFaith is as great as this watch featured here. ;)

  8. Having simple outfits is more convenient for me. Also, basic outfits looks more stunning and impressive. :)

  9. Wow! At last fashion tips for males! Wish granted na hahaha..
    Thanks for this Kat. I really believe though that when in doubt, go back to the basics.

  10. This would make for a pretty great look! Pretty nice assembly overall. Simple and clean, while also being super comfy!

  11. This is perfect for strolling around in a rainy/gloomy weather, especially abroad where there is no flooding. Hahaha! I think I can see wearing myself these. :D

  12. Aside from denim, basic fashion is my style because less is more. But I think the monochrome palate doesn't fit my complexion well.

  13. Though you're wearing basic dress, but you still look so decent and pretty. I only have short and T'shirt one as my basic outfit and I'm comfortable wearing it always.

  14. The clothes you picked reminds of a female version of Ramzy. Yeah so KAt and Ramzy... :( Makes me sad.


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