I'm back, I guess? Haha! I've been on hiatus for like, how long, a month? Well, it's been hell months since October, really. Number one reason: work. I don't wanna complain again and again about it because it's really tiresome to both me writing it down and to you reading it. Ha! What's important is I'm finally back on track. Well, hopefully.

This Christmas, I decided to be a non-monochromatic outfitter. As you can see, it's a burgundy top, an olive green jacket, and a colorfully patched denim pencil skirt. It may not be the way you used to see me wearing but I think the style and vibe that I have, remain.

I personally love this bomber jacket from Zaful. I like that it's not really that heavy as I was expecting it to be. Plus the texture is really soft.

I was headed to the salon with my sister to color my hair because my black hair is getting boring and my digitally permed ends are starting to look frizzy. A trip to the salon should be a good way to pamper myself before the year ends. Also, I have an upcoming post about my new hair color and the experiences I had, plus the things that I needed to do with the current situation of my hair. Haha. So many things happened so keep posted!

Wearing: Burgundy turtle-neck top from the Emporium Cebu store (forgot the name of the brand)

Wearing: Dark Green Life Saver Watch

Get yours now for only Php250.00! Free shipping now available with a minimum order of 4 Life Saver Watches. 50% of the proceeds will be donated to cancer patients! To order, just text 0917-888-4516/0922-874-0334. They are available in a variety of colors and sizes (see their website). Just visit their FB page at for more details! 

My left foot got into an accident at the salon and it caused a boil infection. It's still recovering and I really can't wear tight footwear because of which. I also prefer not to wear revealing footwear as well because the bandage doesn't look good if ever I want to have an OOTD. Haha. OOTDs are still on pause for the mean time.


Read my year-end post here and let me know what you think about the year 2016. Thanks for the read!

Top - Emporium Cebu | Bomber jacket - Zaful | Denim skirt - H&M | Sandals - Sheos Manila | Watch: Life Saver Watch



  1. Love the entire outfit Kat! And welcome back again to the blogging world. ;) Ganahan ko sa imong jacket! Cute sad ang skirt.

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  3. Non-monochromatic outfits is my forte. That's because I don't know how to pair things up. Haha. I like the bomber jacket the most! :)

  4. Looking good! and Welcome back! The turtle neck and the skirt compliments each other. Great job!

  5. I love the jacket.. bad-ass kayo tan.awon.. hehe.. LifeSaver watch too.. yeheey!

  6. Interesting skirt. Those eyes!!!!

  7. You're always beyond beautiful Kath. I think whatever you wear, it always rhyme with your personality and that's your biggest asset I must say.

  8. Another great outfit you have there, Kat! Keep it up! :D

  9. such a cute look! Love that skirt!



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