Apparelane is a yearly year-end series of Nested Thoughts featuring the OOTDs of the year passed. The term "apparelane" comes from the words "apparel" and "lane" and it is inspired from the famous phrase "going down memory lane".


Let's rewind back to when I started Nested Thoughts. March 2012. I was very enthusiastic to create my blog, to design it, and to publish my first ever blog post. I continued until I reached an audience, gained traffic, and finally settled on a niche. Style & Fashion. I have been fond of looking good through the way I dress and styling my ever day outfits since the dawn of my adolescence. Ever since I started a blog, I didn't intend it to be a channel of my outfit photos because I didn't really have any idea about fashion/style blogging back then. The time that I realized that I can be a style/fashion blogger was the time I thought I'd be ready to be called one. Not during my baby stages but during my late college years. I was even very inconsistent with my outfit posts and I was even a little insecure of my clothing brands because I can only afford the cheap ones. I couldn't wait to graduate and have a job already so I can finally buy outfit pieces with legit brands. Then I finally did. And I have been very consistent with my blog since then.

Now fast forward to the end of 2015. Looking back, I didn't really realize that I have created a lot of outfit posts. If you would go through each of these outfit posts in my blog, you will notice the inconsistency of the filters I used in my photos. When you are overwhelmed with so many choices of filters and photos that you are going to apply them to, you are most likely to use the ones that please your eyes, which I obviously did. But the lesson that I learned is that it is better to settle on one filter to create an even or constant feel on your blog, as it is recommended to become an effective blogger. If you already like to change your filter (which I recently did), you may but avoid doing it more often. I have been settling for one filter since late 2015 and just changed it just recently and I am planning to use it for at least a year.

I decided to compile all my outfit posts for the past 2015 because I wasn't able to do so the last year. I'm just glad I didn't really get fat. Haha!

2015 Part 1

2015 Part 2

I found myself amazed but startled at the same time on how fast 2016 went. I still feel that Pia Wurtzbach just won Miss Universe and it hasn't been a year, but it is already! Well anyway, time flies when you're having fun, right? I probably had fun the past year. Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe I've been just very busy with work. I even feel that I wasted an ample amount of time back in 2016. I wasn't really able to save up. I didn't exert much effort to bump up my blogging career. I experienced a lot of self-disappointments. Maybe I got tired the previous year (2015)? Haha. Reasons. But surely, I still was able to continue my love of style/fashion blogging through my OOTDs.

Compared to 2015, my posts decreased down to 20. Woah. Hahahuhu.

2016, for me, was a very complicated year. I think a lot of happenings and circumstances, good, bad, tanan na jud haha, took place during that year, not only to me but to all the people who survived 2016. I reckon that 2016 is not most people's year. Ha! You can always agree to disagree. But all the deprecation aside, I am still thankful of 2016. Though it has put me to the test, I have learned from all its lessons and have become more mature not only in terms of attitude, behavior, and my life choices but also in terms of the way I dress and style my garments. I believe that I have evolved from being very focused on one wardrobe motif to being open and flexible to all other ones and actually tried on colorful clothing that would still fit my style. Before, I only adore monochrome fashion but now, I'm proud to say that I have also embraced the colorful side of fashion. I have fully understood that a true fashionista is flexible and can pull off any outfit as long as she still knows and maintains her style. In other words, a true fashionista can have fashionable mood swings. Ha!

I don't really like saying "2017, please be good to me" because I think it should be the other way around. I think it should be that we are going to be good this 2017. I don't want to end up eating my own words by the end of 2017 by saying what I need to do or what I need to change in me, so I think it's best to just do what I think is best for me and to the people I care about, this year. I think we should all do this. A great new year's resolution is to not just say it but to definitely do it and commit to it til the end.

How about you? How was your 2016? Let me know through your comments down below.



  1. You have amazing looks and wonderful style!

    Happy 2017, I hope you have an amazing year!

    My Vogue Style |

  2. Wow, daghana na nimog OOTDs uy. Love all your shots Kat! Well, I think most of us would feel that we've slacked during the past year and we might feel that the year wasn't enough, lol. Ana jud ang life siguro. But what's important is we face the coming year game on and on fleek (murag kilay lang, lol). And yes, I still want Pia to be Ms Universe. LOL

  3. You sure had A LOT of OOTD's the past year. Contrary to what you said, 2016 was like the longest year of my life. Haha

    Hopefully, dili ka kapuyon ug blogging this 2017. Cheers!

  4. Now I noticed your fashion statement. It's white and/or black. Most of your OOTDs has white or black color and it looked great!

  5. Wow.. your body doesn't change.. that's why your outfit is perfect. and you know how to style.. :D..

  6. I wanna see my friend Ramzy to do this kind of post and I will check who is better between the of you. I like your choices.

  7. Wow, you've collected a lot of OOTD's last year and me seeing you having so much of OOTD, I'm like "nganga". I only bought 2 T-shirts last year and one short and that was all I bought for myself last eyar. Isn't it amazing? Hahaha

  8. You really did a LOT of OOTDs back in 2015! I hope you get to make up for your OOTDs in 2017! :)


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