To start the year, I opted for a fresh, clean, and dainty look as if I'm not wearing anything. Lol. Kidding aside, it's the color that I meant. Nude! Aside from BWG (black, white, gray) colors, I also find delight in nude ones like beige, almond brown, or classic tan. I like its pale fawny hue. I looks natural and clean. That's why when I found this dress at Emporium, I immediately got a hold of it.

I was in the middle of doing my blogging duties at J.Co cafe during holiday afternoon two days after we celebrated the New Year when I was accompanied by some of my blogger friends. We know we'll get plenty as some of them were still on their way, hence, we will also get noisier so we decided to transfer to another cafe that's not too crowded. Hence, La Vie Parisienne at Ayala.

The place was still so quiet when we got there and then all of a sudden, just right after this OOTD shoot, people started appearing and the place got really crowded and noisy. That's what happens when you bring jolly people with you. They tend to attract and lure people! Haha. Shoutout to Kuya Carlo of Kalami Cebu and Julz of Utterly Random Techie. Lol.

Thankful I've got sisters to borrow cute watches from.

More about this elegant rose gold necklace from Happiness Boutique here! If you want to purchase your Happiness Boutique jewelry, you can use my code "nestedthoughts" for a 10% discount on orders over 19 euros, valid until February 1st of 2017. Happy shopping!

Didn't order anything because #saving haha! I just thought the food was pretty so I took a photo of it.

Gotta hit back the dark tones on my next OOTDs. Been very colorful these days. Haha! How have you been lately, by the way? :D

Top - Emporium, Cebu | Necklace - The Happiness Boutique | Flats - Stylehood Ph



  1. Love this beige look!

  2. I really like the place in where you took the photos!

  3. Beige definitely suits you! x

    Jessica — NinetyCo 

  4. This is stunning! How have I only just found your blog??

    19 By Chance | 1415

  5. love nude and neutral colors, its hard to go wrong with them :) I need those flats in my life asap! :)))

  6. Beige is one of my go-to color! I tend to go for beige instead of white because I think it gives warmer look!
    Loved reading this post & your blog is so cool! xx

    Kaylee 🌛ㅣJK's Dawn

  7. Loving the minimalist vibe here!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  8. That dress is gorgeous on you! I also love the flats paired with it. Give it a simple and easy look. :)


  9. Such a chic a simple look! Love your shoes ♥

  10. YXou look perfect :)

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  11. I love this soft, neutral look, lady! Minimal pieces like this are some of my favorite.

    Kathryn •

  12. such an elegant, simple look, I really do love it xx


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