It's been a long time since I really wanted to have a platinum ombre hair color. Like this. But living in the Philippines, I don't think I'd be much accepted if I do that. Haha. It's not that I actually care about what other people will think, but it's just that I always get tired of explaining things like why I did it and that I'd still have to explain to them that it's actually cool if only they're not that naive or unfamiliar of the modern trends? Oh well.

So when my sister said that she'd be going to the salon to color her hair on Christmas day afternoon, I decided to join her and color may hair as well. I browsed through their color chart and picked "Matter Ash Gray". To achieve my desired color, they have to bleach my hair first since Ash Gray is a very light color. So everything has been done to my hair and viola! I thought they just bleached my hair twice but then it's already finished. There were hints of ash gray on some parts of my hair but they're just too obscured or not really obvious. If you take a look at my hair, you will not say that I colored it with ash gray because it's obviously not. So I decided to have a DIY and re-dyed my hair using Lolane Pixxel Color Cream in Very Light Ash Blonde color.

Take a look at the DIY video that I made.

I didn't really plan to shoot this and just did it right at the moment I started to prepare the things I needed so it kinda looks like so unprepared. Haha! Aaand I really sound like I was whispering at the last part of the video. I don't know exactly why was that because I didn't intend to do it but I guess it's because I shot it early in the morning and some people were still sleeping. Well, except for the neighbors who were already shouting back there. xD 

Note: The lower part of my hair (from the eye line I think) has been applied with hair medications six months ago due to the digital perm I had, making the ash blonde color difficult to show. From that part of my hair, all the way up, is where the hair color really shows up because it hasn't been medicated yet or colored before.

Please forgive or don't mind the awkwardness or anything that you notice in my video tutorial. I'm just a newbie, looking like a pro. Haha! Who am I kidding. I still have so much more to improve and I can't wait to make more videos like this even though it's kind of tiring to edit. Nonetheless, I hope you learn something from this tutorial and see you soon for another new video!

P.S. I need to know how to start and end my videos because I really don't know how to do it. I should probably make an introduction after my blog name animation, I think? The same goes with my ending. Haha! I'll work out with it soon.

Have you tried DIY-ing with your hair? How was your experience? Let me know below! :)



  1. Ganahan kaayo ko sa iyang result, Kat! Although feeling nako wa jud koi angay ug Ash Blonde haha. I've tried to DIY my hair with Chestnut brown pa lang. :)

  2. Not bad. I will be sharing this post.

  3. Some anonymous dude is trolling but yeah I also think your new hair's cool. Hehe


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