For most girls and style enthusiasts, I know it's a pain in the a** to plan on what to wear on our trips, during occasions, or even during simple gatherings with friends. Now that the Sinulog festival is super fast approaching (literally in 2 days), outfit preparation might be hectic this time. We do know this cut and style trend has been popular for years but I know some of us want to wear something else instead. That's why I prepared some outfit ideas that I think we could wear (for both girls and guys) as we feast the streets of Cebu this Sinulog 2017.

Simply Easy-Going

This is just your typical Sinulog get-up where you get to wear your most comfy shirt or tank top, a pair of denim shorts, and sneakers. You’re then good to go and rock the streets.

Cropped tops

You can never go wrong with cropped tops except if you wear the wrong/inappropriate bottoms. So better go with high-waisted (preferably non-baggy) shorts because they’re basically made for cropped tops. You wou want to get your tummy be exposed the whole day

Trendy Halter Tops

Halter tops have been on trend the past year and there’s no reason for you to not wear them! Complete the look by sporting a baggy denim (or non-denim) shorts to complement its tight style.

Tie-front Tops

And you can never forget tie-front tops. Aside from looking cute when wearing them, I think this outfit really suit the festival! If you don't have any tie-front tops, you can definitely make your own by customizing your old shirts.

Now let's not forgot that boys should get the style too. Most guys' outfit are easy to style especially during events like Sinulog. A simple pair of shirt and pants would already make them look great. 

You would want to wear something comfortable that you can party all night long so a simple shirt with or without sleeveless would be the perfect option. You don't want to wear a polo or jacket if you want to party hard, do you? Haha!

To ground your look, don't forget to put some accessories, but put in mind to minimize them.

Some people would wear something that they are not worried about getting painted or dirt on so they prefer used or old shirts and/or pants. But I think some people would still wear something nice or new but still don’t worry of the chaos it will undergo during the festival because they might keep it and eventually collect the shirts/get-up they wore over the years of celebrating Sinulog. I think that’s one fascinating idea. You got to keep and have something to remember.


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