I wrote about our food trip at La Lucha Taqueria at Mango Square Mall in my previous post and well, you already know what’s next. The dominance of black in my outfits is no longer new to me...aaand to you! (if you’re a reader of my blog) Well this time, I opted for something normcore looking, which has become a trend to us millennials. But that doesn’t mean it is easy to pull off as it is to imagine. It’s not only just about dressing up with your most basic shirt and a pair of loose jeans and loafers, but it’s also a matter of how you carry and show it off. 

I found a somewhat abandoned place near La Lucha and it almost has all gray and white walls, just fit for the outfit. It's kinda dirty but it's doable. Haha.

Basic outfitting tends to look “effortless” because of its ordinary genre. But don’t just settle for “effortless” alone but go for something “effortlessly stylish” kind of look but still keeps the conventional element of normcore.

“The plainer, the better.”

Remember my post about the top and bottom relationship on my Anatomy of an Outfit post? I mentioned there that if you have a plain bottom, then go for a printed top. In most cases, yes. But sometimes, wearing all plain is also way-to-go. A detail-free style is also pleasing to look at.

Since I like neutrals, black has always been my go-to color for my outfits and I can say that you can never (for the most time!) go wrong with it especially if you plan a normcore look. 

There's this fact that in order to achieve status, you need to be different from everyone else around you. If you think about it, each of us is different in our own special ways. Use it to stand out. And that’s coming from me who’s fashion style is still distinguishable from others. But I believe I’m getting somewhere I think I can be known for because it’ll be my own idea, my own style, and my own creation. Let’s  ̶w̶a̶i̶t̶  build for that someday.

Another bonus photo because this post seems to be too serious. Lol!

Top - Emporium Cebu | Bottoms - SM Women | Sandals - Stylehood | Glasses - ZeroUV


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