Aside from cats and high waisted jeans, I also love spontaneous trips soooo much! We initially went to Rustic Chef during lunch for a food tasting and since we didn't know where else to go afterwards, we decided to go to 10k Roses Cafe in Cordova. It was even a perfect timing because there was only slight traffic while going there. The place itself was not that crowded when we got there and OOTD shots were doable. Haha. Luckily, I was able to take some shots before the place really got jammed up later that afternoon.

There are really nice Instagram-worthy spots around the place. So I posed on most of them. Ha!

The cafe itself is tiny and its second floor is still closed. They sell typical cafe food and beverages such as cheesecakes, lattes, and frappes. I ordered their mocha frappe because they don’t have vanilla latte anymore. However, I got a bit disappointed because I thought the frappe was topped with whipped cream but there was none. It was as if just a plain cold mocha shake. But it still quenched my thirst since we got a bit exhausted roaming around and taking pictures of the place.

I am absolutely going back there when and only when the place is not anymore fully jam-packed. That way, its beauty will be more appreciated and will really stand out.

I know the boots may seem familiar to you because I wore them in my Sushi Monster outfit. It’s not really obvious that I like wearing them(?) Haha. Well, I could’ve worn an outfit appropriate for the place if I knew beforehand that we’re going there. I’m pretty sure that I was the only lady who wore combat boots in what seems to be very feminine place. Haha.

So, what so you think about spontaneous trips?


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  1. You got a better timing unlike the time when we got there. I actually got stressed by the crowd the last time we visited the place. It was like SINULOG. LOL.


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