“Glance: Celebrating Timeless Distinction” is a three-day bridal fair featuring highlights of Marriott’s 20 years in Cebu alongside wedding industry influencers who have also flourished in their craft over the past two decades. Celebrated last March 8 -10, 2017, this year’s bridal fair featured Marriott’s 20 years of brilliant hosting and seamless segue from sleek business hotel to romantic wedding venue while still incorporating their signature technology-enhanced guest services for a unique and memorable “I do!”

Cocktails were served and a grand fashion show was held on the 10th of March to highlight the celebration. We have GLANCEd with the best partners in the wedding industry of Cebu! We witnessed the timeless couture collection of their homegrown world-class Cebuano designers and enjoyed the artistic displays of their wedding industry partners.

Got to taste a princess-bride-like experience during the event as we flaunt our dainty ensembles for the night. I was with my co-bloggers Emelie, Rady, Sean, Ram, and Kuro. For the most part, we took a lot of pictures at the venue. Everything was just so picturesque to not notice and to not take photos with. The night was filled with glamorous ladies and gents. I don’t even recognize most. Good thing my socially awkward self didn’t come out because I was with my own group of friends. Haha. The main attraction though was the fashion show of the timeless bridal dress collections. I couldn’t really choose which one’s my favorite because all of them are almost equally beautiful, exquisite, and grand on their own. I would love to wear one that is as pretty as those we saw on the runway. But I’m certainly not in a hurry. My future groom could definitely wait forever if he’s willing to. Haha.

Thank you to Sean of HisHiddenLetters for this dramatic photo!

I wasn’t able to bring my camera for the event because my bag was already full. I just brought my outfit with me and changed right after I got out early from work. Thankfully, Rady brought his cam and I was able to let my friends take these photos for me. Yay!

I'm sure you noticed my outfit change. Haha. Well, I intentionally bought the jumpsuit for the event but that I wasn't so sure it would fit in with the night's theme so I brought a spare skirt just in case I'll be needing it. Turned out, I did not and I realized it in the middle of the event. So I took the skirt off and flaunted the jumpsuit. I also event intended to wear a non-black outfit because I thought most people will not be wearing one as well because of the "wedding theme" but then again, I was so wrong. Haha. Nonetheless, I still like what I wore during the night. Though it would've been better if it was black. Lol.

It was one elegant and classic night with my beautiful friends and of course, with Marriott!

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  1. Those are lovely laces. I cannot belong venues like that. It's way too classy for my rugged personality and looks. ahahaha


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