Here's to the days when you want to expose some skin regardless of having hairy legs with patches of scars because you feel like it's way more convenient and cozy than wearing a pair of pants. (Did you notice that I'm really into comfy clothing these days? Not my typical fashion over function style. Haha!) And also, you are not really feeling well and wearing a dress is gonna make you feel better (I felt so haha!). I really had a bad hangover but I still didn’t regret going to Red Lizard for the food tasting. I enjoyed an extravagant amount of Mexican food! The spicy ones actually made me feel better. If you’re curious and likes food in general, then read more about it in my previous post! You should try their taquitos!

It was totally a bad hair day. Combed my hair for only a couple of times because I was too weak to move my arms (and I was also running late, lol, what’s new). I was even too tired to walk but managed to make it to the restaurant. I sound like I was dying, but I was! Though not really. Haha.

I paired my plain white turtle-neck dress with an oversized skyblue button down shirt to avoid being completely white with my white trainers. The weather was also a bit cold so I think it was a right timing wearing such. Also, my tired looking face that time could add flatness to my all white look, so the button down shirt was my quick fix. If you don’t want to look too monotoned with your outfit, add another garment to lessen the plain effect, just like what I did.

Fact: Got my oversized button down from the ukay-ukay (a shop of imported used clothes, footwear, etc.; also called as 'thrift shop') and it’s definitely a bargain! It’s been one of my old plans to do a video series on how to dress up and look good by wearing clothes you can buy from thrift shops but I don’t know what’s really stopping me. Maybe because I haven’t really thought about its specifics yet. I guess I still need to prepare. 

I know we love branded clothes but if you think about it, the ones we get from thrift shops are branded as well, it's just that they are pre-loved. I hope that people will not be ashamed to admit that they sometimes buy clothes from thrift shops because it's not really something to be embarrassed about. In fact, you are just being practical in buying your clothes and wise in handling your money. I swear there are lots of preloved clothes that would absolutely look good on you if you style it good enough. Oh well, happy diggin'! If you know what I mean. 😄

Turtle-neck dress - MuraShop Clothing | Oversized shirt - Thrift Shop | Trainers - Keds


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  1. Agree! There are treasures in thrift shops if you know how to dig and bargain.


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