I’m a huge fan of Japanese food but that doesn't mean I don’t like our own. So we checked out this newly opened food place in Lapu-Lapu city that offers our favorite Filipino comfort food. Rustic Chef's Balay Habhaban is the newest go-to place for Filipino food lovers and it’s definitely a must try. Let’s check out their deliciously prepared dishes and might as well get ready to drool!

Before we get to dig into a festive amount of food, let us first appreciate the place where Rustic Chef is situated. The place looks pretty clean, decent, and simple with a very homey ambiance. It’s like an upgraded version of a carenderia here in the Philippines. Look at their wall and hanging decorations, so creative!

Mermaid 'n Mango with fries  Php78.00 - It's basically fish fillet in mayonnaise with mango bits. I really like the combination of the fish and mango. I like how the mango compliments so much with the fish fillet's taste.

Pork Lauya • Php78.00 - Soft pork stew. I like how they added a hint of sinigang flavor (sour-savoury) in this soup. Reminds me of the good old days back in our province where my grandma used to cook warm pork or beef stew for us during Sundays. Absolutely tasty!

Muddy Earthlings • Php250.00 1/2 kg - Roasted pork belly
Dungeon Bamboo Spit Fowl • Php185.00 1/2 kg - Roasted chicken
Oh, who wouldn't want to indulge in this beaut?

Rustic Atay DiabloPhp78.00 only - Spicy stir dried pork liver

And to complete our splendid lunch, here's their Mango Crepe with Ube Icecream topped with cherry.

We really enjoyed our lunch and were not even able to finish everything so we took some of them home. Thanks to the people behind Rustic Chef for the great service and food! Such happy people. 😊

Don't forget to visit them at:
Maximo V. Patalinghug Jr. Ave.,
Pajo, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines 6015

Tel: +63324935130
Don't forget to visit and follow their social media sites as well!


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