Aside from neutral colors, I also grew a liking to the olive green color. That's why I chose to wear it during the last Pop District Bazaar. Before that, me and my friends went to Jullian's (of Utterly Random Techie) new house for something they call "house warming". Haha. But not really. We live in the same barrio now! They have a really aesthetic home I must say. Outside their house was where this OOTD took place. We then did the finger lift challenge that has been trending recently. Well, we did it way back last year but we weren't able to post the video on social media so we did it once again at Jullian's house. Sean, the first timer in the group, was really amazed about it. If you still don't know what finger lift challenge is about, then better check it out now!

After a fun afternoon at Jullian's place, I went to PDB and just like the last one, I was with Elish and his husband and we spent hours catching up, roaming around, window shopping, and taking pictures with David Guison and the rest of the featured bloggers. And then I spent my dinner with Gino and his high school friends. It was indeed a very engaging Saturday for me. I went home very tired but fulfilled. 😌

Enough with the backstory, let's talk about the outfit. I literally just bought everything the day before and they're all from H&M. Oh well, I haven't really had something new in my closet recently because I was "saving". Thankfully, H&M was still on sale so it didn't really hurt my pocket. Haha. So I thought maybe it's time (once again) to buy some new clothes to overuse and perhaps to wear during PDB. And oh, this olive green top is my new favorite. My mind was just puzzling clothing pieces for me to somewhat achieve a "modern vintage" look. Well, I guess I did pull it off. 😝 Thanks to the loose top, high-waisted jeans with folded hems, loafers, the cute bag, and the sunnies.

So, how do you usually spend your Saturdays? Comment down below! 😄


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