Back to the typical Katherine wardrobe. Oh, I just can't get enough of black. I just love channeling my true dark self. Well, for the record, this isn't an all black outfit because who knows why I don't have a pair of black sneaks. Haha! I should seriously get some. And if you notice the hair, it's not golden anymore! Thanks to my 15-peso blackening shampoo, I don't have to go to the salon and pay a thousand bucks just to have my natural hair color back. 😆

This was during late last month when JPark Island Resort and Waterpark invited us for a blogging event contest. Our day tour at JPark consisted of fun bustles at their waterparks, pools, and non-water activities like their Go-Kart, giant chess, and more. And then we feasted on their lunch buffet to satisfy our hungry tummies and to quench our thirst. It was definitely the best way to start our summer right. And to top it all off, I won as the first runner-up in JPark's blog writing contest. It was wayyyy beyond my expectations. I would like to congratulate Rea of Blissful Snapshots for being the champion and Herbert of Drift Stories for being the second runner-up. It was such an honor!

I love surprises, that's why I always practice to not expect anything. And it really did surprise me! Guess this almost-all-black fit isn't bad luck at all. Well, it did make me quite uncomfortable because of the hot weather that got me real sweaty. And because of too much expectation of the unexpected, I didn't really think about the appropriate attire for that day and didn't actually expect any under-the-sun activities. What was I thinking? Haha! 

This sort of a casual (and mediocre) undercover get-up seemed to look the way it was because of the sunnies I had on. Don't you agree? 😋

The weather here in the Philippines has been very moody. One morning you wake up, it's raining outside, and the next thing you'll know, you're all sweaty and fanning yourself. Maybe that's why I unintentionally went for an all black that day because my body got used to the cozy weather just like the night before that.

So that's how I started my summer, how about you?

Top - SM Women | Pants - Chen Chen | Shoes - Keds | Eyewear - Sunnies


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