As a girl, there will always be that "stigma" you get when most, if not all, of your friends are guys. People will automatically think that these guy friends you have are taking advantage of you, in ways that they want to think. Personally, I have been one of the boys ever since high school and I never had any problem of that, at all. So let me tell you this side of this story... on how exactly is it like to be one of the boys.

College friends! Hi mga bayot.

At a young age, I have distinguished the difference between boy and girl friendships. I experienced being bullied by my guy friends during childhood. I noticed that boys tend to bully but the girls don't. As I grew up, I came to realize that even though boys are more vulgar, they are more likely honest which is the total opposite of my experience with my girl friends back in the day. They may be very nice in front of you, but the truth is, they are actually stabbing you at the back. I don't mean all the girls are like that, it's just based on what I experience before. I guess that experience alone contributes most to the reason why I am more confident around boys because I prefer honesty over pretense.

Cho. Insert bayet Marc, kay nagpahuway pa aning mga panahona.

I don't really intend to befriend guys than girls. I don't know how exactly our friendship was formed but it's just that I feel more safe and carefree around them. I know some people are tired of hearing "having guy friends is less drama and less bullsh*t", but when you come to think of it, though it's not that accurate, but it is most likely true. Based on personal experience, I feel more certain of being my true self around my guy friends. I can be as silly as possible without being judged behind my back. They even say it to my face when I do something awful. Haha. Even though they jokingly bully me, I can take that because that's more preferable than being feasted by backbiters.

HIBsters fo'life!

Cho Horde. All present!

You know what's really especial about having guy friends? They give you the best advice. They make you laugh and they keep you safe, no matter what. They are even more worried about your love life. Lol! And most of all, they give you food. Haha. These dudes are my instant bros. There was this one Friday night when we went out and had some beer...or lots of it. I didn't notice that I already had too much and got dead drunk. But these fellas made sure I was alright. Made me vomit all my guts out (lol, but seriously, puking helps when you're drunk) and brought me safely back home. There were still lots of gestures of brotherly love I experienced from these guys and I will always treasure them, no matter how small they are and may be.

Girls, always remember, being one of the boys doesn't necessarily mean that you are a b*tch. No, definitely not. It's about how you present yourself to them and that's how they gonna treat you in return. If you are b*tchy to them, then expect that they will definitely treat you like one. Be nice to them, and they will certainly give you more than that in return. We all have our personal preferences when it comes to our friends. Maybe let us just respect each other's and live a happy life. 😊

Shout out and special thanks to all my guy friends out there who made me feel safe and special.
Gagu lang jud mo usahay. Lol. And super bully! Haha.


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  1. Awwwwe! Real friends are better than THOSE kinds of friends. Just be true to yourself :)


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