Another #ILuvCebuInstameet was held last April 22, 2017, at Shangri-La's Mactan Resort and Spa, organized by Doyzkie of ILuvCebu. Sarcastically speaking, it was my first time participating in such a fun event! Haha! Kidding aside, Instameets really excite me because they don’t only improve your Instagram post traffic and follower count but you can definitely learn a lot from the event itself. It’s not just a typical meet and greet program but it is also an event where you will not just have fun but also learn different interesting things based on the theme.

Speaking of which, the Instameet was themed “Love our Seas”. The theme speaks for itself. It was all about marine conservation. We did activities like artificial fish house making and planting corals. Even though the sun was high enough to burn our skins, it was still all worth it. Most of my HIBster (High-Intensity Bloggers) friends were there too and we totally almost invaded the event. Lol. Just kidding. Though there were only 50 slots for the Instameet, we were still able to meet new faces.

As for the outfit, I didn’t really plan everything from top to bottom because I didn’t have time for that because my office job was acting up lately. I just recycled my old clothes to make it look like a brand new outfit. I am already starting to think that I am good at this thing. Like recreating my outfits without committing any outfit repetition. Haha. You should practice this too because it’s not all the time that we get to buy new set of clothes. There will always come a time that you’ll say to yourself “I don’t have anything to wear!” even though your closet is full of everything you can actually wear. I know you’re thinking that that sounds ridiculous and even saw that on memes. Haha. But that actually means “I don’t have anything new to wear anymore!”. My point is, we’ll most likely going to end up feeling getting used to our clothes that we literally need to but a set of new ones. Haha. I know most girls can relate to this.

I always like wearing shirt on dresses just like this one. It's not only comfortable as it looks but it definitely feel like it. I find knotting my top cute that's why I did it and yes it really did look cute. Haha. Please agree with me. Well, if you have sleeveless dresses but don't like wearing them,try what I did and wear a simple shirt, style it the way you like (like knotting) and then finish the outfit with the appropriate pair of shoes or sandals. For me, I purposely wore a pair of sandals since the event was  held on a resort and wearinng a pair of shoes or sneakers might not be a very good idea.

So, do you have any wise or crafty outfit ideas for summer? Comment them down below! I might include them in my next style post. Stay tuned!


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