The moment a girl crosses the high-school age and steps into the college life, she is officially touted to as a grown-up, who becomes capable of taking her own decisions and taking life at the face value. College is a game-changer. It changes even the ever constant people. And it’s one of the most happening phases of life. You are constantly meeting new people, having new experiences, gaining knowledge and stepping up to see what the real world feels like.

You’re constantly moving, working and creating a crevice for yourself in this world while going to college. And a hard-working person as a college going girl should have basic essentials like trendy bags, sneakers. Trendiest clothes are always on the check-list of every college going girl. You keep up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and don’t shy away from experimenting with your looks; be it your hair, clothes, shoes or bags. And why not? This is the best time to be experimenting for yourself to see what suits you the best, discover who you really are and learn from your mistakes.
Fashion and bags

We stick to fashion and tell you more about one facet of fashion mostly ignored by college going girls. Whilst searching for cheap and good clothes and shoes, girls forget they need the right bag along with it to make the look a success. We give you an insight into the best 10 bags that a college going girl should own hands down. 

1. Multi-purpose bag
Keeping in mind you are a college student and constantly are on a budget, you need one solution to all your bag needs. A multi-purpose bag,  A bag that can be used for classes, for hanging out with your friends after college, a bag that you can go shopping in and a bag that you can carry on initial internships. You’ll be carrying your basic utilities, food, diaries and notebooks, spare clothes, etc. For this purpose, at leisure bags work the best. With this bag, the way of carrying it and its style can be changed in a simple way as reversing it. 

2. Totes
A girl can never have enough totes. And what is a college going girl sans totes? These indeed are an investment. Invest in pretty looking totes with sturdy handles so they don’t break with the load of stuff you have to carry.

3. Bucket bags
These are your solution to ‘I can’t find large bags’. They look chic without looking giant and can store humongous amount of your stuff. 

4. Backpacks
A college goer and a backpack are best friends, no matter what your gender is. These days, backpacks are available in different patterns, colours and styles to suit your need. They can stock two days worth of your stuff without any hassle. 

5. Laptop bag
Laptop bags are an essential for college going students, boys and girls alike. To stand out of the crowd carrying your laptop, opt for a laptop tote or a laptop briefcase. You could also get a laptop backpack or even a duchess case.

6. Clutches
Owning one too many clutches is a habit no woman can get rid of. Clutches are perfect for outings with friends or a casual date where you have minimal things to carry. Box clutches are doing rounds in the fashion industry these days and are a hot seller.

7. Sling bags
College means sling bags. Be it a shoulder sling or a chest sling, these are the bags that you can never go wrong with. For women, sling bags are available in as many styles as you can wildly imagine. They are more or less like mini purses with a long handle to enhance your look.

8. Fringe bags
Fringe is in the season and your best bet. To create a casual yet stylish look, pair your outfit with a fringed bag and you’re set to go! 

Disclosure: This is a guest post. Photos are not mine.


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