Can you believe it? 2017 is just shy of less than three months before coming to an end! So before the year finishes off, I created a nifty wishlist only from Zaful! I'm sure you have heard about them. They have a wide array of selection of fashion items from your favorite layered maxi dress to hoop earrings, you've got a lot to choose from!

Knowing me, you'll know I'll definitely purchase this ring because one word: cat. Haha. This will absolutely look good on your dainty finger so if you're like who's a sucker for anything cats, they purchase one now! This comes in $3.53 (Php180).

If you didn't know that tassel earrings are hot these days, then maybe you have been living under a rock or somewhere. Haha. Kidding aside, these monochrome tassel earrings are to die for. Okay, at least for me because they all have my favorite colors. Only at $2.64 (Php135).

And similar to tassels, hoop earrings are also in these days. Giving that urban retro style, these earrings will make you look more sleek with your hair pulled back in a ponytail emphasizing the hoops and your face in one. Only at $3.29 (Php168).

This set of makeup brushes are so pretty I'm sure they'd feel so soft on your skin. Plus, you can have them with that cute makeup sponge and brush egg. How awesome is that? You can get them all at once for only $8.70 (Php445).

Love furs? This one's for you (and for me definitely haha!). But now with a twist 'cause you can stylishly wear them as earrings. I just love how cute they might surely look on our ears. This comes in $1.90 (Php97)!

If you're that not-so-sophisticated person such as myself, I'm sure you'll grow a liking towards this 90's printed (literally) black tee. This also indicates that you're born on the 90's! And 90's kids are cool so there's that. Haha! 😋

Hoop earrings but with more glam! Adding rhinestones on these hoop earrings will surely make you stand out among the rest. Get this pair for only $3.46 (Php177) and flaunt that charm!

You know chokers will most probably be the 'chicest' accessory ever. Correct me if I'm wrong. 😝 But adding a triangle shaped marble centerpiece to it will most likely add more charm than it already has. Go get it for $1.94 (Php99)!

Haven't decided yet, have you? I'm sure this post alone will leave you asking for more choices so go ahead and visit and start shopping! And if you want to get all fancy this season, go get some fall dresses for up to 70% off. Just enter my promo code: ZFEN!

Enjoy your shopping!


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