Are you a fan of these so-called shirtdresses? Well, I am, for sure. Literally, it is what the name suggests. It's basically a shirt long enough to become a dress. Shirtdresses are commonly button-down and typical tees. They are not only (obviously) comfortable pieces of clothing but they're also very versatile and easy to style. I always prefer the oversized ones because they are more breathable and you can easily move especially for 'dynamic' people like me. Talk about being zealous and vigorous, yup, that's me. Lol. But I also go for the body-fit ones during events or special occasions 'cause why not? Haha

When in doubt, layer a cardigan or your favorite button-down shirt like what I did in this look. As I came up with this outfit, I immediately thought of a skater girl look for some reason, except that I didn't have any skateboard. Lol. Though I think the chucks added a big impression to achieve this skater girl-ish look.

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Quotes free iconWhen in doubt, layer a cardigan or your favorite button-down shirt like what I did in this look.Quotes free icon

My fashion-over-function demeanor was obviously strong in this one because as you can see, it's one fine sunny day and I wore a button down on an all black shirt dress. Haha! Oh well, I suffered thru the humidity that day but good thing it wasn't really that bad because at least there isn't much pollution in provincial areas.

The thing about being in the province is that people don't actually dress up(?) Well, me and my sisters, in particular, don't really go that way because of the modern and urban influence that we have. I actually plan what my outfit should be on a specific day of a trip which will most likely fit in wherever we are going on that particular day. 

So, how do you plan your outfits, specifically shirt dresses? Do you go with fashion-over-function? Or is it the other way around? Or does it depend? Haha. Well, let me know in your comments below!

Shirt dress - MuraShop Online Shop | Checkered button-down shirt - H&M | Chucks - Ukay-ukay


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