Back in the day, I had become the most avid fan of pink. Some people actually witnessed this and how obsessed I was before. I even screen-named myself after the color. Lol. Oh, the stupid things we do in life. But hey, past is past. Haha! However, as a grown-up, I realized that our preferences develop over time. We loved some things then but eventually hated them. In my case, I realized that I never really hated pink as I grew up, my preference and style just changed as I become a more mature person. This doesn't apply to the color pink alone but to all the colors that I loved before~ Haha! Seriously though, I am now a monochromatic and neutral color lover but here I am trying out other styles and even gave pink another shot and it's not bad at all, see?

I grew fond of this new and trendy urban-retro style of clothing. It brings back the sensational 70-90's feel with a modern flash and it really fascinates me. As you may have noticed, it doesn't show any BNW shades for it'll ruin what the style actually conveys: fun and vibrancy. This also proves that fashion runs in a circular motion making us revisit old fashion trends and relive them once more. 

And oh, 80% of this look actually came from ukay-ukay and it just makes me more fascinated how you can actually look like a stylish human being by just being cheap and wise in finding clothes to wear. Haha!  

Style tip:
Quotes free iconTo achieve a more urban-retro style in your outfit, put on your favorite high waisted bottoms and secure it with a not so thin buckle belt. I recommend a reversible belt (I got mine in black and brown) so that instead of buying two colors, you can have both in just one belt. Convenience at its finest!Quotes free icon

These photos were all taken at the front yard of our provincial house in Butuan. We go there each year to celebrate both my twin sisters' and grandmother's birthdays in one day. There's only a few to zero internet signal there and it probably should remain like that for us to actually spend quality time with our relatives. Also, they're supportive of what I do and it just motivates me in a way. 

Disclaimer, I am fully aware of the 'tardiness' of this post but catching up is the least that I can do and in a way, it also shows that it's better late than never even if life is screwing us so hard. Hope this also reminds you of catching up with what you have left behind, whatever that may be. It's never too late if you start now. 😊

Top, High-waisted shorts, Cardigan, Chucks - Ukay-ukay | Cap - Penshoppe Sunnies - Sunnies


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