For the love of cats and dogs, I personally added a pet-cafe-hopping to my Manila itinerary. Nearest from where I was staying was the Bengal Brew Cat Cafe and Wolf&Bear Dog Cafe, which obviously happen to be a mix of dog and cat cafes in one location. Pretty amazing, isn't it?

Unlike any other cat cafes, Bengal Brew, as the name suggests, is a Bengal cat breed sanctuary. So basically, most, if not all of its cats, are of Bengal breed. Bengal cats are no ordinary cats. Based on facts, these cats always crave attention and have outgoing personalities. What really separate the Bengals from other cats is their beautifully distinctive patterned coat and large body type. Some say that Bengal cats are hypoallergenic, though it is not scientifically proven yet. But based on experience and testimonies of some people who are allergic to cats, they don't experience the same way with Bengals.

Here's the largest Bengal cat in the cafe. I wasn't able to ask for its name but I'd call this cat Majestic as it surely is one. Also, it's really friendly and outgoing and always exploring. I even took lots of selfies and videos with this kitty and it definitely cooperated. Though most of the time, it was roaming around every corner of the cafe.

Here are the other Bengal cats of the cafe. Some of them were just lurking and doing their business in a nook while some were in their deep slumber. They're all absolutely adorable in their own ways.

They happen to have two big Bengal cats. The other one is in the second photo (right), having a weird half-sleeping position.

This is the best photo I could take using my 50mm camera. But it's safe to say that the place has enough space for the cats and visitors to play and mess around. Named as a cafe, the place serves food and drinks that you can choose from their menu, ranging from Php50 to Php300. However, there is an entrance fee of Php350 on weekdays or Php400 on weekends for you to be able to enter and play with the cats and dogs. I heard that there are new inclusions if you pay the entrance fee and these are the free dink, cake, and treats for the cats but when I got there on mid-November, I only got a free drink of my choice which wasn't an issue at all because I mainly intended to visit and play with the cats and dogs and not to eat out.

And here's the other part of this heaven. The dog cafe. I equally love dogs the same way I do with cats so when I say that this place is heaven, I undoubtedly meant what I said. Lol. 😸

As I got there, most of the dogs were in their siesta mode so I didn't bother disturbing them and only took a couple of photos in their cages.

For more information, you can check out this snap of their membership card.

Bengal Brew Cat Cafe and Wolf&Bear Dog Cafe are located at 
Manhattan Parkview, General Malvar Ave, Cubao, Quezon City, 1109 in Metro Manila. 
They're open from 12 noon to 9 in the evening.


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