Back in the day, cafes, especially the aesthetic and Instagrammable ones, really please me and yes, my Instagram feed as well. Haha. I even had a list of cafes that I need to visit and blog about. I think I have posted a few of them here. Moreso, this cafe where I was at is part of that list and I was able to finally visit and even did something productive with my co-creators.

Not really much of a fan of greens but this is an exception. I tried playing around with their bicycle displays 'cause they're just really cute, don't you agree?

Together with my C3 or Cebu Content Creators, we did a 'lil video shoot for our organization. A video about inviting more members to our crazy team. If you happen to be a content creator and find this interesting, then please feel free to join us. You can register here: As of the moment, we are accepting individual creators to join the team! 

What I really like about this cafe, Marisse Patisserie, is that they have a garden and a pool. Though the pool is not open to the public, still it adds a nice vibe and uniqueness to their cafe. They have really dainty interiors, too!

As for the outfit, I would like to commend ukay-ukay (thrift shops) for this. It's just amazing how something cheap and simple can turn out to be as stylish as it gets. It might also depend on how you style them because some ukay-ukay items aren't as easy to put together. 


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