My Saturday has been very productive. I was really looking forward to this day because I have pending promotions to conduct. Here's one.

Summer Soul Gypsy (Instagram: @summersoulgypsy) has agreed to have a collab with me and here I am wearing their beautiful masterpieces. They said that two of these three handmade bohemian necklaces are still not released. Can you imagine how honored I am? Super.

And here's my favorite! The bull skull. I fell in love the first time I laid my eyes on it. As you have noticed my outfit's different. The rest of this outfit is in this post. Sorry if this is kinda out of context (bohemian) because I messed something up that time, so yeah. Haha.


Super duper big thanks to Summer Soul Gypsy for giving me this opportunity. You should really buy from them, not only they have attractive products but also the owners are kind-hearted people. It's been great knowing Summer Soul Gypsy and having to wear their beautifully hand-made products. Hoping this'll not be the last. More power to their shop and to the people behind it!

Summer Soul Gypsy Instagram account: @summersoulgypsy
Pay a visit (or any item/s, perhaps haha)!



  1. Hey I love the jewelry pieces, did they reach out to you or was it vice versa. Id love to work with them! Email is let me know. And great post! Love your first outfit

    1. Hello Ana. It was vice versa. You can go to their Instagram page and send them a DM. Thank you Ana! x

  2. The bull necklace is way too cute!

    xx Sarah | Loser Girl Wins

    1. Yes! The bull skull is absolutely my favorite. :D


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